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We could learn something from Salesforce when it comes to marketing, admits Tibco CEO Ranadivé

CEO Vivek Ranadivé and COO Murray Rode discuss the need to focus on the 'prosumer' and the pressures that led to the private equity buyout
07 Nov 2014

Three UK's mobile data charges - how they add up

graham-baxter three uk
COO Graham Baxter talks roaming charges and the challenge of calculating mobile data bills
04 Nov 2014

Big data and the internet of things - turning OT to IT

Talend explains why proprietary enterprise software will struggle in the new hyper-connected age
24 Feb 2014

Building the sports stadium of the future

'It's going to be like nothing that's ever been built before,' says Tibco CEO Vivek Ranadivé
11 Nov 2013

Pilot projects: from mainframe to smartphone at Air France

The airline is jettisoning its legacy baggage as it flies into the mobile age
24 Oct 2013

‘We’ve been a big data organisation for more than 20 years’, Thomson Reuters CTO

James Powell explains how a massive and complex organisation is being made more agile through social media
17 Oct 2013

World Vision: Changing the enterprise architecture of aid

Charity deploying Tibco to push secure connectivity out to remote areas so decisions can be made on a data-driven basis
16 Oct 2013

How actionable insights saved Nielsen, according to COO

Market research giant worked with TIBCO to improve its services and prevent three key customers from defecting to rival IRI
16 Oct 2013

HMRC's five-year plan as renewal approaches on Capgemini's Aspire contract

The tax authority is moving from a monolithic IT systems architecture to a ‘multi-sourced model’ with an integrator and multiple suppliers. Graeme Burton talks to HMRC’s outgoing CIO, Mark Hall, and Capgemini’s Craig Mills
07 Aug 2013

Hundreds of jobs on the line as 2e2 enters administration

Integrator has already closed 10 subsidiaries and axed 319 staff
29 Jan 2013

Billion dollar Oracle ERP project shot down by US Air Force

USAF scraps implementation after spending a cool $1bn on failed Oracle rollout
16 Nov 2012

Computing research: Big data and the quest for the ultimate truth

John Leonard discovers why organisations are turning their attention to data that lies outside enterprise databases
17 Oct 2012

Where marketing stops and IT starts

21 Sep 2012

The integrator-MSP and the mid-market

19 Sep 2012

Rolls-Royce signs three-year outsourcing deal with Capgemini

As service integrator Capgemini will oversee IT services from various vendors, aiming to ensure they operate effectively together
19 Mar 2012

Kent forced to replace failing child care IT

Council scraps integrated children system from Capita because it cannot integrate records
21 Jul 2011

Cloud Computing World Forum: Integration in cloud is an increasing issue for business

HMRC deputy CIO Mark Hall says integration is second only to risk in terms of the issues facing companies looking to migrate
23 Jun 2011

Mahindra Satyam may re-list on NYSE now fraud case is closed

Settling the investigation means the company can once again compete for the largest IT contracts
19 Apr 2011

Mahindra Satyam pays $10m to settle fraud investigation

Chairman Vineet Nayyar said that the services firm now wants to put the matter to rest
06 Apr 2011

Consolidating data flows to optimise IT investment

The February 2011 Computing survey, Positioning your Business for Growth, noted that the practice of piecemeal implementation of IT systems in companies growing organically is not an uncommon pattern
29 Mar 2011

Interview: Volkswagen UK systems director Nick Gaines

Volkswagen UK's IT chief explains how important it is for technology leaders to understand business strategy and processes in the modern enterprise
22 Mar 2011

Making cities smarter with technology

How the likes of IBM and Oracle are helping municipal authorities around the world to "optimise their infrastructure"
22 Feb 2011

Using the cloud for data migration: practical issues and legal implications

Web services provider Postcode Anywhere shares its experiences of cloud computing with IT law expert Jagvinder Kang
16 Feb 2011

Hotel chain Yotel signs five-year deal with Atos Origin

Services firm will manage the integration and deployment of new self-service kiosks from Shere
10 Feb 2011