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PayPal sues over Google Wallet

Google Wallet mobile payment app
Google execs accused of stealing trade secrets from eBay subsidiary
27 May 2011

Google launches mobile payment service

Orange and Barclaycard launch the quick-tap newsagent purchase
Google announces details of its Google Wallet service for Android smartphones
26 May 2011

Researchers boost multi-core chip power by 40 per cent

Energy Risk - Software Rankings 2010
Scientists in US develop tools to beef up multi-core chip performance
26 May 2011

Tesco pilots Android sat-nav in store

Prototype system lets customers use their phone to find what's on their shopping lists
24 May 2011

How a new patent process could support UK innovation

Could a new patent application process prevent undeserving opportunists from gaming the system to the detriment of the truly inventive?
24 May 2011

Are you ready for the Next Big Thing?

CIOs must learn to embrace so-called disruptive technologies and use them to their advantage
24 May 2011

Toyota social network to let drivers poke their cars

Toyota Friend will be powered by Chatter
23 May 2011

UK plans to become world leader in open data

George Osborne states lofty ambitions at Google's Zeitgeist event
16 May 2011

From Tyneside, with love

11 May 2011

Holy calling

11 May 2011

Champions of freedom

10 May 2011

Government offers £1m boost to Silicon Roundabout tech companies

Technology Strategy Board will select 10 East London tech companies to share the windfall
09 May 2011

Flashy web sites shouldn’t cost customers

Make sure the back end of your web site can deliver what the front end promises
09 May 2011

Intel Tri-Gate brings new dimension to transistor technology

New transistors for 22nm chips promise 'unprecedented combination of power savings and performance gains'
05 May 2011

Retailers spend more on mobile and social commerce but returns remain modest

Forrester study shows improved uptake in social media and mobile tools, but ROI is "muddy"
04 May 2011

EC's Neelie Kroes launches €600m programme to boost internet innovation

Public and private bodies to fund eight major research projects
03 May 2011

Pepsi gets social with new vending machine

Drinks maker launches high-tech vending machine for users to gift drinks to one another
28 Apr 2011

North East developers slam StartUp Britain for failing to promote UK software

Head of Sunderland Software City says campaign is promoting too many foreign products
26 Apr 2011

Easter Backbytes: Tales from the lighter side of IT

Meet the computer that hates messing things up and find why a store in Japan only wants to serve shiny happy people
21 Apr 2011

For cloud users, failure is an option

IT leader says cloud is great because it means he can try, fail and move on quickly
21 Apr 2011

A Flare for picking the right moment

19 Apr 2011

The PC that feels regret

19 Apr 2011

Work smarter, not harder

How to maximise team performance while encouraging initiative and innovation
18 Apr 2011

UK IT Industry Awards 2011

The awards provide an opportunity for organisations and individuals across the public, not-for-profit and commercial sectors to shine in front of their peers
18 Apr 2011