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Royal Society science exhibit showcases Harry Potter-like business innovations

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie poster
There are more inventions on show at Royal Society than you could shake a wand at - and they have all been developed with business in mind
05 Jul 2011

Lufthansa CIO says most CEOs still do not appreciate IT

... and advises fellow IT chiefs not to bother with in-house development
30 Jun 2011

Blurred vision

22 Jun 2011

Virtual water anyone?

22 Jun 2011

Googling your kids to school

22 Jun 2011

Charging ahead in fashion

08 Jun 2011

Cack and mouse

08 Jun 2011

Interview: McDonald's UK IT director Mark Fabes

Not just home to the golden arches, Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, McDonald’s restaurants are also increasingly hotbeds of cutting-edge technology
08 Jun 2011

Cambridge and Papworth trusts team up for e-hospital tender

Trusts' joint tender includes tablets, virtualisation and cloud implementations for common technology platform
07 Jun 2011

Fashion retailer moves to HTML5 mobile platform

ASOS invests in Usablenet's Mobile 2.0 solution for Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices
02 Jun 2011

Intel unveils Ultrabooks at Computex

Ultra-thin, touch-screen netbooks will hit the market later this year priced around £600
01 Jun 2011

Peer to Patent scheme launches today

Scheme aims to promote innovation using peer review
01 Jun 2011

IT startups need stimulation

31 May 2011

Most people wary of location-based services, says Ovum

Consumers are not comfortable with companies knowing their whereabouts
31 May 2011

The price of progress

While new technologies can often improve life, all advances have costs that should not be ignored
31 May 2011

UK IT Industry Awards: Success breeds success at MSM

Luke Lang of MSM Software talks about how success in the UK IT Industry Awards’ Environmental Project of the Year category gave his firm’s profile a major boost
31 May 2011

PayPal sues over Google Wallet

Google execs accused of stealing trade secrets from eBay subsidiary
27 May 2011

Google launches mobile payment service

Google announces details of its Google Wallet service for Android smartphones
26 May 2011

Researchers boost multi-core chip power by 40 per cent

Scientists in US develop tools to beef up multi-core chip performance
26 May 2011

Tesco pilots Android sat-nav in store

Prototype system lets customers use their phone to find what's on their shopping lists
24 May 2011

How a new patent process could support UK innovation

Could a new patent application process prevent undeserving opportunists from gaming the system to the detriment of the truly inventive?
24 May 2011

Are you ready for the Next Big Thing?

CIOs must learn to embrace so-called disruptive technologies and use them to their advantage
24 May 2011

Toyota social network to let drivers poke their cars

Toyota Friend will be powered by Chatter
23 May 2011

UK plans to become world leader in open data

George Osborne states lofty ambitions at Google's Zeitgeist event
16 May 2011