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Are patents stifling innovation?

A lawsuit document
Some believe the sheer number of patents hinders innovation, or does it indicate that technological creativity is thriving?
15 Sep 2011

Opinion: Mixing silicon and grey matter is a mad idea

Computing reporter Dave Bailey
If a chip can mimic the human brain, would it not also be susceptible to human error?
13 Sep 2011

IBM and 3M set to develop 'silicon skyscrapers'

Skyscrapers and a cloudy sky
The new 3D microprocessors will be 1,000 times more powerful than current alternatives
09 Sep 2011 tries augmented reality on for size

The product uses Aurasma, a visual browser developed by Autonomy
08 Sep 2011

Tech developer Plastic Logic heads back to Cambridge

The company had left Cambridge for Silicon Valley in the 1980s
07 Sep 2011

BAE Systems develops invisibility cloak

The cloak will make tanks and other combat machines invisible to enemies
06 Sep 2011

Nanotechnology and AI: a lethal mix

01 Sep 2011

IBM interns develop new technologies

Students that took part in IBM's Extreme Blue internship have been showcasing their projects
31 Aug 2011

Getting a feel for it

24 Aug 2011

Mobile self-sufficiency

24 Aug 2011

XXX processor

24 Aug 2011

Foot-long strap-ons

23 Aug 2011

Tech startups need more state support

22 Aug 2011

Slavish response to IBM innovation

19 Aug 2011

IBM unveils chips that mimic the human brain

Could spawn "cognitive computers" that will be able to learn and remember
18 Aug 2011

Scientists crack quantum cryptography

Researchers have created a device that can crack a quantum cryptographic key while itself remaining undetected
15 Aug 2011

Sauce code

02 Aug 2011

Let the office dog fights begin

02 Aug 2011

With this GUI, I thee wed

02 Aug 2011

Amazing, technicolored nerd coat

02 Aug 2011

World's thinnest material could transform electronics products

High electron mobility with Graphene could lead to super-fast smartphones and tablets
25 Jul 2011

UK IT Industry Awards: Get your entries in by 5 August

As the deadline for 2011 entries is extended, Derek du Preez catches up with Grid-Tools, winner of 2010’s IT Achievement award
19 Jul 2011

Booming silicon roundabout 'owes nothing to government'

Founder of East London startup says government plans to attract giant tech companies to local area risk damaging startup industry
18 Jul 2011

Mitigating denial of service attacks

11 Jul 2011