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How to maximise profits under the government's proposed Patent Box tax regime

Lawyer Jeremy Morton
Companies need to start developing a tax structure that will enhance the effect of the Patent Box scheme
05 Dec 2011

Can bad French be epicured?

02 Dec 2011

Alerts, exploration and collaboration – the future of mobile BI

29 Nov 2011

Researchers develop chips that can learn

New computer chip mimics how the brain’s neurons adapt in response to new information
18 Nov 2011

Review: LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse

LG mouse is a neat scanning tool for mobile users
17 Nov 2011

Intel ploughs £63m into mobile app development

The Intel Capital AppUp Fund aims to nurture mobile innovation
16 Nov 2011

An app-etite killer

16 Nov 2011

In-your-face interface

04 Nov 2011

Tech City CEO asks government to engage more with entrepreneurs

Speaking at the London Conference on Cyberspace, Eric Van der Kleij invited policy makers to learn from the UK's fastest-growing IT companies on technical issues
01 Nov 2011

Nano volunteering

18 Oct 2011

Axminster CSI

18 Oct 2011

iOS 5 – was it worth the wait?

17 Oct 2011

UK developers must stop selling out

11 Oct 2011

IPO moves patent applications online

New online application system to make it easier for businesses to file patents
06 Oct 2011

IT in healthcare pt3: Liverpool trusts aim to pull plug on paper records

The use of electronic patient records is delivering significant efficiency gains to trusts in and around the city
04 Oct 2011

IT in healthcare pt2: High-tech remedies promise lasting results

New technology is being harnessed to improve medical knowledge, increase health awareness and boost patient safety
04 Oct 2011

Turn on, tune in, feel smug

19 Sep 2011

Are patents stifling innovation?

Some believe the sheer number of patents hinders innovation, or does it indicate that technological creativity is thriving?
15 Sep 2011

Opinion: Mixing silicon and grey matter is a mad idea

If a chip can mimic the human brain, would it not also be susceptible to human error?
13 Sep 2011

IBM and 3M set to develop 'silicon skyscrapers'

The new 3D microprocessors will be 1,000 times more powerful than current alternatives
09 Sep 2011 tries augmented reality on for size

The product uses Aurasma, a visual browser developed by Autonomy
08 Sep 2011

Tech developer Plastic Logic heads back to Cambridge

The company had left Cambridge for Silicon Valley in the 1980s
07 Sep 2011

BAE Systems develops invisibility cloak

The cloak will make tanks and other combat machines invisible to enemies
06 Sep 2011

Nanotechnology and AI: a lethal mix

01 Sep 2011