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Judge tells Apple and Samsung to settle their own differences

An Apple iPad next to a Samsung Galaxy Tab
Apple and Samsung urged to settle patent infringement suit
16 Aug 2012

Spooky investments

02 Aug 2012

ARM reveals more details about M2M industry forum

ARM logo
Blueprints for the 'internet of things', not standards, the aim of the group
02 Aug 2012

ARM kick-starts standardisation forum for 'internet of things'

Chip manufacturer co-opts UK-based partner companies to develop standards
31 Jul 2012

Telcos unite to form global M2M technology alliance

Group will work with Jasper Wireless technologies to promote global standards
11 Jul 2012

Opinion: Barclays saga highlights banking's scandalous neglect of the tech sector

Funding technology innovation is a better route to profits for banks, argues investment expert
29 Jun 2012

Big data companies the winners in IBM’s SmartCamp competition

US winners SkyFoundry and Streetlight Data will compete against champions of Europe, Latin America and Asia
26 Jun 2012

Alan Turing: hero

The centenary of Alan Turing's birth should be the spur for a permanent memorial in the heart of our capital, says Chris Middleton
23 Jun 2012

Atkins looks to HTML 5.0 to deliver cross-platform geographic apps

Consulting giant seeks freedom from Apple, Google – and Microsoft
21 Jun 2012

Oracle got what it deserved

19 Jun 2012

Our debt to Bletchley and Turing

19 Jun 2012

Oracle is clutching at straws

24 May 2012

Tech city start-up Cloud.IQ wins £2m venture funding

Investment to fuel growth for integrated marketing platform
16 May 2012

Entries open for the UK IT Industry Awards 2012

Today marks the launch of the 2012 UK IT Industry Awards, the Oscars of IT. Enter yourself, your team, your projects or products now!
30 Apr 2012

Machine-to-machine communication reaching tipping point - report

Lower costs for both devices and network connectivity will drive a boom in 'the internet of things'
29 Apr 2012

‘Wearables’ will need backing from the ‘big five’ to go mainstream, claims Forrester

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook will take wearable computing from niche to mainstream
19 Apr 2012

Interview: Barclays banks on innovation

Enabling customer-facing staff to access bespoke financial services apps using tablet computers is just one of several ways in which COO Shaygan Kheradpir is transforming the retail banking experience at Barclays
03 Apr 2012

AMD sees low-power low-cost datacentres for cloud providers

Opteron 3200 server chip launched at desktop prices
20 Mar 2012

US space agency to auction software patents

NASA invites bids for autonomic and development technologies
06 Mar 2012

From Marconi to macaroni

05 Mar 2012

Agile Teaches Us An Important Lesson About Innovation

27 Feb 2012

Hit ‘enter’ at your peril

21 Feb 2012

Barclays rolls out tablets following successful trial

Retail arm of banking giant plans to deploy devices to all customer-facing staff
14 Feb 2012

Austerity measures threaten innovation outside cities, says report

UK ranks with Belgium in EU innovation league
09 Feb 2012