Latest Innovation articles

A quantum leap for network security

Dr Andrew Shields tells Danny Palmer that Toshiba’s research has brought the day when enterprises can secure their networks with quantum technology a lot closer
18 Sep 2013

Sinofsky: Technology transitions are 'bumpy'

Steven Sinofsky was formerly president of Windows at Microsoft
Former MS Windows president explains that new tech products often don't have all the features of the tools they replace
17 Sep 2013

Digital economy relies on making content, not just consuming it

Chancellor George Osborne and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales urge businesses to develop producers of digital content
05 Sep 2013

Data revolution will dwarf internet revolution and change society - MIT

Alex 'Sandy' Pentland, one of the world's leading data scientists, tells Campus Party Europe that the data revolution will dwarf the internet revolution
03 Sep 2013

Skype celebrates 10th birthday - UPDATED

Also announces 3D video calls under development
29 Aug 2013

ARM buys Finnish 'internet of things' start-up Sensinode

Embedded is the future - ARM buys start-up Sensinode to drive into the 'internet of things'
27 Aug 2013

Yahoo expands research labs to investigate emerging tech

50 PhDs to be hired to examine the likes of big data and AI
05 Aug 2013

Google buys into chipmaker behind Google Glass display technology

Google purchases stake in Taiwanese display technology company Himix
22 Jul 2013

Apple in talks to acquire Kinect motion sensor developer

Israeli company PrimeSense reportedly subject to $280m bid
16 Jul 2013

Mobile M2M market grew 25 per cent in 2012

Mobile machine-to-machine communications boom driven by 3G and 4G mobile, 'connected cars' and 'smart cities'
27 Jun 2013

Complex IT estates preventing cloud adoption

NTT Europe report finds while many believe cloud is the future, current systems are a barrier to adoption
26 Jun 2013

SITA unveils Horizon next-gen passenger services system

New platform for airports and airlines based on agile development
20 Jun 2013

'Unknown unknowns' are the future of data science

Dunnhumby head of data science tells Computing that gaining value from the unknown is the next stage for big data
12 Jun 2013

SAS CEO sceptical about benefits of working from home

Jim Goodnight believes face-to-face working improves innovation and productivity
12 Jun 2013

Meet the downsizers who quit the likes of Google and Facebook for a new life at a start-up

What makes someone swap a successful job at a thriving technology giant for a role at a start-up? Sooraj Shah talks to three such downsizers to find out
12 Jun 2013

Google Glass should be banned, say fifth of Britons and Americans

Privacy concerns are a barrier to adoption of wearable technology
04 Jun 2013

US ambassador to Russia: 'We don’t care what colour your money is, we care about your ideas'

Obama administration keen on closer US-Russian technological collaboration, says McFaul
04 Jun 2013

Samsung claims breakthrough in 5G mobile development

Samsung claims gigabit-speed mobile networking – if you can wait until 2020
14 May 2013

Obama signs executive order promoting use of open data

Policy designed to foster innovation, especially among start-ups
10 May 2013

Forget the watch – the smart money is on Google Glass

Is the smart watch – no more than a rumour for most hardware companies – an original idea, or simply a terrified response to the AR-equipped Google Glass project?
01 May 2013

Big data used to alter video game difficulty

Georgia Tech develops big data algorithm to tailor difficulty to skill
22 Apr 2013

Unified EU patent scheme moves a step closer

Unified Patent Court to be introduced in 2014 after Spanish and Italian objections rejected
16 Apr 2013

Is innovation still in HP’s DNA?

Sooraj Shah asks whether the Silicon Valley veteran has any idea how to save itself from oblivion
21 Mar 2013

Opinion: SMEs must grasp Patent Box opportunity

Firms must act now if they are to take full advantage of the tax break
21 Mar 2013