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StreetView review finds Google has upped its privacy game

Google Streetview Red Car
ICO audit of search giant's privacy safeguards show signs of improved privacy practices
16 Aug 2011

Human Rights Commission calls for transparency on personal data

Surveillance CCTV camera
The Equality and Human Rights Commission wants the government to bring in changes that will better protect people's personal information
16 Aug 2011

Lush signs undertaking with the ICO following data breach

An image of Lush cosmetics
Company only allowed to store the minimum amount of data necessary to receive payments
10 Aug 2011

Hampshire School breaches Data Protection Act

Using the same password for multiple systems led to the hack
09 Aug 2011

Left in a pub: thousands of Londoners' personal details

Unencrypted memory stick handed in to police but ICO opts not to fine
05 Aug 2011

Analysis: Should the ICO wield the carrot or the stick?

Fines have been levied at already strapped-for-cash councils - but is fining the right approach?
04 Aug 2011

Police data stolen from officer's home

A USB stick containing data concerning Greater Manchester Police operations was taken
29 Jul 2011

MPs blame mobile phone companies over hacking scandal

Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone should have done more to protect and alert customers, according to a Commons Home Affairs Committee report
22 Jul 2011

University of York leaks student details

ICO makes professor sign an undertaking after 148 student records were wrongly made accessible to classmates for more than a year
21 Jul 2011

Lancashire Police Authority criticised for leaking personal details on its web site

Body breached Data Protection Act by publishing details of an individual's confidential complaint
19 Jul 2011

Should we let the inmates run the asylum?

To what extent should private businesses be allowed to influence the crafting of new regulations?
14 Jul 2011

European Commission set to consult on data breach rules

ISPs and Member States will provide information
14 Jul 2011

Understanding new guidance on data protection and geolocation services

What impact does the recent EU geolocation opinion have on developers of mobile apps and web sites that use geolocation functions?
12 Jul 2011

MEPs approve tougher data breach rules for all

European Parliament adds its support for data regulation strengthening
06 Jul 2011

A welcome change to breach notification rules

05 Jul 2011

90 per cent drop in visitors to ICO web site after changes in EU cookie laws

Raises concerns for online businesses such as retailers
01 Jul 2011

Travelodge leaks customer data in possible cyber attack

Budget hotel chain admits a small number of customers have been subjected to phishing attacks
24 Jun 2011

ICO investigates NHS loss of 8.63m patient records

The Information Commissioner's Office has said it is looking into the alleged loss of an NHS laptop containing sensitive patient records
15 Jun 2011

T-Mobile employees fined £73,700 after data theft

David Turley and Darren Hames pleaded guilty
13 Jun 2011

Tech Talk 34 - ICO Fines and Fedora 15 Review

Join Tech Talk as we discuss the ICO's recent fine of Surrey County Council, and a review of the new Fedora 15 operating system
10 Jun 2011

ICO fines Surrey County Council £120,000

The fine reflects the serious nature of the breaches, says the ICO
10 Jun 2011

Firms weaken security to accommodate iPads

Staff's own devices are being allowed on to corporate networks without adequate security
08 Jun 2011

North Lanarkshire Council taken to task for breaching DPA

ICO said council provided inadequate guidance to its workers
08 Jun 2011

Compliance and the dangers of lax email practices

The cost of failing to comply with requirements could be far greater than businesses realise
03 Jun 2011