Latest Information Commissioner's Office articles

Data watchdog is right to get tough

06 Feb 2012

ICO fine will hurt taxpayers

06 Feb 2012

Hospital faces £375,000 ICO fine after data sold on eBay

Nurses at NHS hospital
Brighton and Sussex General says it will challenge the decision
16 Jan 2012

Financial services firm loses 1.4 million customer records

Cattles Group admits losing backup tapes storing customer information, while the ICO investigates
06 Jan 2012

UK web sites 'must do better' on cookie laws

ICO warns too few sites are compliant with new EU cookie rules
13 Dec 2011

ICO hits Powys with record data breach fine

Powys County Council fined £130,000 after mix-up with child protection reports
07 Dec 2011

Data loss epidemic at UK local authorities

Campaigners uncover more than 1,000 data loss incidents at UK councils over the past three years
23 Nov 2011

Leading law firm selects Egress to protect client data

Law firm Withy King has adopted technology from Egress Software to protect and control information shared with its clients
16 Nov 2011

DPA breaches must carry tougher penalties

14 Nov 2011

Firms must come clean when data goes astray

14 Nov 2011

How worried should UK data guardians be about the Patriot Act?

The Patriot Act is sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt over the security of data held by US-owned cloud providers
02 Nov 2011

Consumerisation: how to manage the risks

Allowing staff to use personal devices for work can boost productivity and enhance morale. But the process needs careful management
01 Nov 2011

ICO finds public sector bodies are still failing to protect sensitive data

In the past two days the ICO has reported DPA breaches at several public bodies, including two NHS trusts, despite recent CfH claims that it would improve
28 Oct 2011

Experts split over the benefits of compulsory data breach notification

Moves to force organisations to disclose security breaches could just lead to 'notification fatigue'
25 Oct 2011

ICO warns ministers over use of personal email accounts

Department for Education accused of trying to avoid FOI requests
20 Sep 2011

Responsible data leak disclosure

16 Sep 2011

Camden Council boosts mobile security

Council implements Computrace remote tracking and deletion technology to stay on the right side of the ICO
16 Sep 2011

ICO slams University Hospital of South Manchester for DPA breach

The hospital lost personal information relating to the treatment of 87 patients
07 Sep 2011

ICO rebukes Scottish child protection agency over data security lapses

Sensitive information was sent to the wrong email address and left in a second-hand furniture shop
06 Sep 2011

Opinion: There is no Geneva Convention online

When it comes to cyber safety, the mantra should be “trust, but verify”
05 Sep 2011

Microsoft accused of tracking Windows Phone handsets

Federal court case alleges software giant tracks users, even when they've turned off phone's tracking feature
01 Sep 2011

ICO wants primary schools to teach data privacy lessons

Safe social networking to join the Three Rs
31 Aug 2011

How to prevent voicemail hacking

There are important measures that mobile operators and users can take
17 Aug 2011

StreetView review finds Google has upped its privacy game

ICO audit of search giant's privacy safeguards show signs of improved privacy practices
16 Aug 2011