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Police force fined £120,000 for data breach

Greater Manchester police logo
ICO fines Greater Manchester Police after investigation prompted by stolen memory stick
16 Oct 2012

Exclusive: confidential Alcatel-Lucent files discovered on eBay laptop

Concept image of broken USB representing a data leak
Documents reveal faults, security information and personal chat logs
12 Oct 2012

Public sector way behind private on data protection, says ICO

Concept image representing data protection rules
Reports suggest organisations should take part in compulsory audits
12 Oct 2012

Analysis: Data watchdog needs more bite

The Information Commissioner’s Office is seeking tougher powers to enforce data protection rules – and not before time
03 Oct 2012

Deputy ICO says big rise in reported breaches is no cause for alarm

Fining NHS trusts still 'good idea' says David Smith
21 Sep 2012

Bet on the ICO to do nothing

05 Sep 2012

Analysis: Online gamblers risk losing their identity

Online gambling sites play fast and loose with customers’ personal data, say privacy campaigners. So why isn’t the ICO doing something about it?
20 Aug 2012

ICO to investigate Essex County Council data breach

Security lapse has exposed 400 people to the threat of identity theft
20 Aug 2012

ICO to check out security

Bloggers alert authorities to worrying security practices at one of UK's biggest online retailers
17 Aug 2012

Why some firms aren’t taxed by data rules

16 Aug 2012

NHS Trust fined £175,000 for ‘entirely avoidable’ data breach

ICO gives penalty to Torbay Care Trust
07 Aug 2012

Online gambling industry 'ignores' data protection and privacy laws

Privacy International founder blasts gambling companies over privacy and data protection – and the ICO for failing to take action
06 Aug 2012

Analysis: EU cookie law puts analytics under scrutiny

Sooraj Shah talks to legal experts about the extent to which the EU’s cookie directive restricts website analytics
16 Jul 2012

£60,000 fine for NHS trust that sent test results to the wrong address

Fourth fine in two months for breach-prone NHS trusts
13 Jul 2012

ICO gamekeeper turns Google poacher

FoI request reveals that Google’s UK privacy manager worked at the Information Commissioner’s Office during StreetView investigation
06 Jul 2012

How Tesco and co are testing the limits of customer data exploitation

If a consumer agrees to share information with retailers, can they complain when data about their shopping habits and lifestyle choices are used to milk them for more money?
04 Jul 2012

Government publishes draft 'snooping Bill', estimated cost: £1.8bn

'China and Iran will be delighted,' says Open Rights Group
14 Jun 2012

Eighty per cent of UK organisations still not compliant with EU cookie law

Deadline ignored by enterprises despite risk of £500,000 fine
06 Jun 2012

ICO begins consultation on the release of anonymous data

Public privacy rights must be safeguarded, says Information Commissioner
31 May 2012

We’re not perfect – and we’re sorry, says Google’s Schmidt

Executive chairman Eric Schmidt apologises for Google’s mistakes but says that the company’s still not evil
30 May 2012

ICO sets up online survey as cookie complaints rise

Online form to help watchdog gauge impact of EU rules as complaints come in
29 May 2012

Retailer slams ICO over 'embarrassing banality' of revised cookie law guidance

ICO criticised for last-minute guidance changes, but lawyer warns no significant policy shift has taken place
28 May 2012

EU cookie law is a 'restraint to trade online', says online retailer

Deadline for new law is 26 May
22 May 2012

Essential guide to security: Rethinking your defence

High-profile hacktivist attacks and data breaches may grab the headlines, but IT leaders should concentrate on rethinking their cybersecurity
21 May 2012