Latest Information Commissioner's Office articles

ICO fines Nursing and Midwifery Council £150,000 for data loss

Deputy Information Commissioner urges organisations to take more care with sensitive data
18 Feb 2013

H4cked Off: ICO's Sony fine is nowt but a slap on the wrist

Is the ICO too scared or too lazy to take on the private sector?
24 Jan 2013

ICO fines Sony £250,000 for PlayStation Network hack

Record fine for April 2011 data breach. Sony plans to appeal
24 Jan 2013

Public sector IT: A look ahead to 2013

Computing examines what lies ahead for public sector IT in 2013
19 Dec 2012

ICO slams lax data practices in local government after four more councils are fined

Information Commissioner says there is 'an underlying problem with data protection in local government'
18 Dec 2012

Big Google is watching you

Google knows who you are, can track you via your smartphone and knows your most peculiar peccadilloes. But is it still living up to its promise to 'do no evil'?
13 Dec 2012

Clegg urges government to rethink ‘snooping Bill’

Deputy PM responds to stinging criticism of Bill from MPs
11 Dec 2012

Public sector IT: 2012 in review

Computing looks back at the government's IT initiatives this year and what impact they have had
07 Dec 2012

OFT to investigate firms' use of consumer data

Office of Fair Trading to look into legality of personalised prices
04 Dec 2012

Computing research: keeping data out of the wrong hands

John Leonard explains how organisation can safely navigate the changing threat landscape
26 Nov 2012

ICO publishes best practice code on anonymisation of data

Code explains issues surrounding anonymisation of personal data and its disclosure
21 Nov 2012

Opinion: For better security, honesty is the best policy

The IT industry’s tendency to brush security breaches under the carpet is not doing anyone any favours, particularly users, argues Simon Bain
12 Nov 2012

Education on data loss needed more than ICO fines, says Quest

Lessons need to be learned about data governance and the consequences of losing information
06 Nov 2012

Plans for online patient access to medical records 'open to abuse', warns ICO

ICO welcomes public access to private medical records, but precautions need to be in place, says David Evans
25 Oct 2012

ICO won't take action against Department for Education over data breach

Breach exposed personal data – including passwords – of respondents to consultation
22 Oct 2012

Police force fined £120,000 for data breach

ICO fines Greater Manchester Police after investigation prompted by stolen memory stick
16 Oct 2012

Exclusive: confidential Alcatel-Lucent files discovered on eBay laptop

Documents reveal faults, security information and personal chat logs
12 Oct 2012

Public sector way behind private on data protection, says ICO

Reports suggest organisations should take part in compulsory audits
12 Oct 2012

Analysis: Data watchdog needs more bite

The Information Commissioner’s Office is seeking tougher powers to enforce data protection rules – and not before time
03 Oct 2012

Deputy ICO says big rise in reported breaches is no cause for alarm

Fining NHS trusts still 'good idea' says David Smith
21 Sep 2012

Bet on the ICO to do nothing

05 Sep 2012

Analysis: Online gamblers risk losing their identity

Online gambling sites play fast and loose with customers’ personal data, say privacy campaigners. So why isn’t the ICO doing something about it?
20 Aug 2012

ICO to investigate Essex County Council data breach

Security lapse has exposed 400 people to the threat of identity theft
20 Aug 2012

ICO to check out security

Bloggers alert authorities to worrying security practices at one of UK's biggest online retailers
17 Aug 2012