Latest Information Commissioner's Office articles

Dating websites 'potentially in breach of data protection act', warns ICO

ICO writes to four of the UK's biggest 'introduction agencies' after damning BBC Panorama exposé.
30 Jul 2013

ICO takes enforcement action against Chief Constables after personal data breach

Collaborative police units urged to get data protection training
26 Jul 2013

ICO warns Hertfordshire Police over 'disproportionate' use of camera tracking

Enforcement notice comes after investigation into Royston's number plate recognition cameras
26 Jul 2013

How Southern NHS fixed its fractured security

Southern Health has migrated from a fragmented IT set-up that was putting patient data at risk to a new user-friendly yet highly secure infrasructure in just 12 months
23 Jul 2013

Sony drops appeal against £250,000 ICO fine for PlayStation hack

PS3 and PS4 manufacturer says it still disagrees with the fine, but won't continue to fight against it
15 Jul 2013

ICO fines NHS Surrey £200,000 after 3,000 patient records sold on eBay

Failure to do due diligence on a new data destruction provider comes back to haunt Trust
12 Jul 2013

ICO threatens Google with fine over privacy policy

The Information Commissioner's Office gives Google until September to comply with privacy policy request
05 Jul 2013

H4cked Off: The ICO's Google decision is a whole new level of spinelessness

The government lets big business walk all over it
25 Jun 2013

Google does not need to delete data, says EU legal bigwig

Adviser to European Court of Justice suggests Google isn't responsible for potentially damaging content in its search results
25 Jun 2013

No fine for Google Street View, but data it still holds must be deleted, rules ICO

Google given 35 days to delete private data it's been holding for over three years
24 Jun 2013

ICO issues Google with notice over street car data collection

Enforcement notice served as ongoing ICO investigation continues into Google practices
21 Jun 2013

Half of businesses will not deal with companies who have suffered data breaches

Report suggests businesses wary of those who have lost information, despite their own patchy protection policies
21 Jun 2013

Top 10 security stories of 2013 so far

Computing looks back at the most important cyber security stories of the past six months
13 Jun 2013

ICO fines Glasgow City Council £150,000 for laptop loss

Two laptops, one of which contained data about 20,000 people, were stolen in May 2012
07 Jun 2013

Information Commissioner calls for prison sentences as council employee is fined for taking medical data

Fines are not a big enough deterrent, believes Information Commissioner Christopher Graham
24 May 2013

Caldicott review: Breaking down the barriers to information sharing in the NHS

Sooraj Shah investigates the difficulties that the NHS faces with the law, technology and people in enabling data-sharing between its departments
26 Apr 2013

The right to be forgotten is unrealistic, says ICO

Deputy Information Commissioner David Smith compares right to be forgotten online to attempting to expunge a criminal record
24 Apr 2013

ICO: Europe's prescriptive approach to data protection won't work in the UK

Deputy Information Commissioner David Smith warns that the new data protection regulation currently going through European Parliament won't suit the UK, and may not even be agreed
24 Apr 2013

Data Protection Act is not a barrier for information sharing in NHS, says ICO

Information Commissioner's Office encourages NHS trusts to share data, as it has not fined for data sharing yet
09 Apr 2013

ICO to investigate Google's privacy policy

UK data watchdog to investigate if Google privacy policy compliant with Data Protection Act
03 Apr 2013

Google fined $7m over Street View data harvesting

Company settles with 38 US states over the illegal collection of personal data
13 Mar 2013

ICO fines Nursing and Midwifery Council £150,000 for data loss

Deputy Information Commissioner urges organisations to take more care with sensitive data
18 Feb 2013

H4cked Off: ICO's Sony fine is nowt but a slap on the wrist

Is the ICO too scared or too lazy to take on the private sector?
24 Jan 2013

ICO fines Sony £250,000 for PlayStation Network hack

Record fine for April 2011 data breach. Sony plans to appeal
24 Jan 2013