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Crash Podcast - HP's big news and IBM's brain chips

IBM SyNAPSE brain graphic (Image - IBM)
Tech Talk has been rebranded as 'Crash', but still covers the week's top IT news stories with lively debate and banter
19 Aug 2011

IBM unveils chips that mimic the human brain

Could spawn "cognitive computers" that will be able to learn and remember
18 Aug 2011

Tech Talk 39 - The end of the PC and possibly Facebook

A Desktop PC
In this Computing podcast we discuss IBM CTO Mark Dean's assertion that the PC era is over, and Anonymous' apparent plan to 'destroy' Facebook
12 Aug 2011

IBM CTO heralds end of PC era

Focus on new IT services and technologies mean desktop PCs will no longer be at cutting edge of computing
11 Aug 2011

IBM and NCSA abandon plans for petaflop-speed computer

Four-year Blue Waters contract worth $208m has been terminated
09 Aug 2011

Gartner: Top security vendors are losing market share

Gartner says that the top five software security vendors now own less than half of the global market between them
27 Jul 2011

2011 worst year for retail IT investment since records began

First signs e-commerce sales have started to dip and overdue system upgrade requirements cannot be postponed forever
15 Jul 2011

How can schools attract more students to IT?

Computing asks industry leaders and academics what can be done to increase the number of students pursuing a career in IT
04 Jul 2011

Portal gives Kent residents insight into public services and public servants

Open Kent offers information on council amenities and spending
30 Jun 2011

HP, Oracle and IBM not agile enough in cloud, says bank IT chief

Bank of America Merrill Lynch principal architect Rupert Brown argues that large vendors don't have suitable cloud options
28 Jun 2011

The Essential CIO - Q&A with IBM CIO Simon Meredith

IBM's UK and Ireland CIO Simon Meredith discusses findings from the firm's Essential CIO global study
24 Jun 2011

Global software market to bounce back in 2011

Information management will see largest increase
23 Jun 2011

Tech Talk 35 - Sage acquisition, Lulzsec and more!

In this episode we discuss the potential Sage acquisition, RIM's Playbook, Lulzsec's latest hacks and the new cloud storage service from TrendMicro
17 Jun 2011

Sage share price jumps following acquisition rumours

UK-based tech company rumoured to be in talks with IBM and SAP
17 Jun 2011

Exclusive: Sage rumoured to be in acquisition talks with IBM and SAP

A Sage insider tells Computing that the business needs more collateral and capital
16 Jun 2011

The Essential CIO

Luke Robertson discusses IBM's global study of the CIO role across the world
13 Jun 2011

KVM alliance sets sights on hypervisor leader

Industry heavyweights are getting behind Linux-based virtualisation technology KVM in a bid to challenge VMware’s market dominance. But while the move may make sense from a supplier perspective, some question the value for users
06 Jun 2011

All-inclusive pricing leads to quick sale for Knight Frank

Estate agency trims IT costs with extensive server and storage consolidation project
20 May 2011

EMC World 2011: EMC exec slams Dell's cloud strategy

EMC says it will not become a cloud service provider, but will partner with companies
11 May 2011

IT services back in growth

Gartner reports that 2010 was a good year for IT services providers
04 May 2011

Red Hat and IBM join forces to develop open source virtualisation

The companies are working together on projects to drive adoption of KVM
03 May 2011

If you're going to build, build smart

Birmingham City University is constructing one of the most innovative buildings in the country
28 Apr 2011

Indian services providers adjust to new market conditions

Salary hikes, rising infrastructure costs and the need to open onshore centres in client countries mean that Indian companies can no longer take huge margins for granted
28 Apr 2011

HSBC banks on IBM to it help prepare for Solvency II

Insurance firms must be able to comply with new risk management rules by 31 December 2012
28 Apr 2011