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Economic worries cloud IT spending priorities

Mixed signals over IT budgets highlight need to prioritise business-enhancing projects
19 Oct 2011

IBM buys Platform Computing

An IBM logo
High performance computing has caught the attention of all the major vendors
14 Oct 2011

IBM now more valuable than Microsoft – so what's its secret?

An IBM logo
IBM covers all the enterprise IT bases, and presents its company message clearly, unlike other tech leaders such as HP
06 Oct 2011

IBM snaps up security firm Q1 Labs

Incident detection makers prove to be much in demand
05 Oct 2011

IBM: Critical security vulnerabilities triple in 2011

But spam levels and browser vulnerabilities are decreasing
03 Oct 2011

DWP signs big contracts with IBM and Capgemini

IBM and Capgemini government supplier contracts will both run for seven years
29 Sep 2011

Analysis: Capgemini supplements consultancy with more cloud services

Global IT services giant about to launch 'storage-as-a-service' offering
23 Sep 2011

EC set to close antitrust investigation into IBM

IBM defangs mainframe probe by promising to play nice with rivals
21 Sep 2011

Opinion: Mixing silicon and grey matter is a mad idea

If a chip can mimic the human brain, would it not also be susceptible to human error?
13 Sep 2011

IBM and 3M set to develop 'silicon skyscrapers'

The new 3D microprocessors will be 1,000 times more powerful than current alternatives
09 Sep 2011

Essential guide to big data: part1

Is ‘big data’ just another marketing bandwagon, or does it hold the promise of practical solutions to real business intelligence challenges?
07 Sep 2011

Sometimes only a workstation will do

05 Sep 2011

The PC will live on

05 Sep 2011

Over my dead body

01 Sep 2011

Nanotechnology and AI: a lethal mix

01 Sep 2011

IBM makes dual analytics acquisitions

Firm set to splash out nearly £620m on strengthening data analytics capabilities
01 Sep 2011

IBM interns develop new technologies

Students that took part in IBM's Extreme Blue internship have been showcasing their projects
31 Aug 2011

XXX processor

24 Aug 2011

Is modular computing the new mainframe?

22 Aug 2011

Crash Podcast - HP's big news and IBM's brain chips

Tech Talk has been rebranded as 'Crash', but still covers the week's top IT news stories with lively debate and banter
19 Aug 2011

IBM unveils chips that mimic the human brain

Could spawn "cognitive computers" that will be able to learn and remember
18 Aug 2011

Tech Talk 39 - The end of the PC and possibly Facebook

In this Computing podcast we discuss IBM CTO Mark Dean's assertion that the PC era is over, and Anonymous' apparent plan to 'destroy' Facebook
12 Aug 2011

IBM CTO heralds end of PC era

Focus on new IT services and technologies mean desktop PCs will no longer be at cutting edge of computing
11 Aug 2011

IBM and NCSA abandon plans for petaflop-speed computer

Four-year Blue Waters contract worth $208m has been terminated
09 Aug 2011