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Hybrid Memory Cube technology – the next step forward in memory?

Adding memory to a PC
Samsung, Micron, Microsoft, IBM, ARM and others behind new memory chip technology
21 Jan 2013

US Department of Energy to purchase 100+ petaflop supercomputers

Most powerful supercomputers in the world will replace existing 24 petaflop model
21 Jan 2013

Rumour mill: Splunk to be acquired by IBM?

IBM and Oracle rumoured to be interested in big data software vendor Splunk
14 Jan 2013

IBM UK appoints new chief

Australian David Stokes to take over from Stephen Leonard
10 Jan 2013

Predictive analytics helps firms to get 'about three per cent better at guessing', says APT chief

But that is still worth 'a lot of money', claims Jim Manzi
08 Jan 2013

IBM Worklight Studio and Rational Team Concert [Video]

Watch the short demo on the IBM Worklight Studio and Rational Team Concert integration
13 Dec 2012

IBM and Toshiba unveil tech to speed up data transfer and reduce power drains

Faster internet and longer battery life may be good news for mobile future
10 Dec 2012

O2 warns customers about possible personal data loss

Back-up tape misplaced by partner IBM over a year ago
05 Dec 2012

OFT to investigate firms' use of consumer data

Office of Fair Trading to look into legality of personalised prices
04 Dec 2012

IBM sued for fraud over botched software implementation

Chemicals company Avantor claims software project brought it 'to a standstill'
12 Nov 2012

IBM integrates carbon nanotubes into mainstream chip manufacturing

Moore's Law may be safe after all
29 Oct 2012

UPDATED: Somerset County Council preparing for court in escalating conflict with IBM

Council preparing for court due to dispute over Southwest One shared services scheme
22 Oct 2012

Intel profits plummet as IBM revenues flat-line

Enterprises’ cautious IT spend affecting tech giants
17 Oct 2012

Whitman pledges to turn around HP ‘by 2016’ as shares plummet to nine-year low

CEO merry-go-round is to blame for revenue slump, says Whitman
04 Oct 2012

Oracle announces IaaS offering, private cloud, new database and Exadata X3

Larry Ellison launches new products and services at Oracle World in San Francisco, and goes on the offensive against IBM and EMC
01 Oct 2012

IBM spends over $1bn on Kenexa and ships new mainframe

Tech giant looks to improve software and hardware offerings
29 Aug 2012

IBM buys Texas Memory Systems

High-performance memory maker is 'critical component' of storage approach
17 Aug 2012

IBM said to be entering game as RIM split rumours fly

IBM reported to be mulling purchase of RIM's enterprise division, while BlackBerry maker considers selling multimedia acquisitions
13 Aug 2012

SCO zombie about to die – files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Failed anti-Linux litigator decides to wind itself up
08 Aug 2012

Gallery: IBM shows off the technology underpinning Wimbledon

IBM shows the predictive analytics, web and security technology that keeps the Wimbledon Tennis Championships online
27 Jun 2012

FOI request: Public sector favours legacy over open-source storage

Only one of 44 government departments is using open-source storage
19 Jun 2012

Huddle secures vast majority of £453,778 spent on G-Cloud

London-based SME has six out of 11 CloudStore contracts awarded so far
15 Jun 2012

Customers' expectations for IT sevices demand that organisations collaborate, says IT chief

Managed service providers and IT services companies have to work together to fulfil requirements
14 Jun 2012

SAP is the fastest-growing database vendor in 2011 - IDC

Forty-four per cent growth due to application and SAP HANA tie-ins
12 Jun 2012