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Capita and IBM battle for London’s congestion charge scheme

Congestion charge C road sign in London
Capita is the frontrunner for contract commencing October 2015
01 Oct 2013

RBS to spend £300m on Williams & Glyn's IT system

IBM and Infosys said to have been hired to lead the project to build the new system
01 Oct 2013

The home computing era: From conception to consumerisation

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Apple's iPhones and iPads have led the era of consumerisation, but their adoption would not have been possible without the advent of the home computing era which began in earnest in the early 1980s.
30 Sep 2013

IBM to splash $1bn on Linux for cloud computing and big data

But only Linux on IBM's own Power chip architecture
18 Sep 2013

Degree-level apprenticeships in cyber security launched in the UK

Apprenticeships are part of a new 'Cyber Academy' backed by John Lewis, IBM and more
02 Sep 2013

US government agency selects IBM in 10 year $1bn cloud hosting services contract

Contract fits into Department of Interior's wider commitment to save $500m over five years
16 Aug 2013

IBM, Oracle, EMC to be investigated by Chinese authorities over security concerns

Prism scandal "implies security problems"
16 Aug 2013

IBM to acquire Israeli financial security specialist Trusteer

Trusteer's software is used by 16 of the US and UK's top banks, claims IBM
15 Aug 2013

IBM under investigation by SEC over cloud computing revenues

SEC 'conducting an investigation' into IBM's cloud revenue recognition policies
01 Aug 2013

IBM unveils new mid-range zEnterprise BC12 mainframe

New mainframe will cost upwards of $75,000 and be sold to governments and financial services companies
23 Jul 2013

IBM sees 17 per cent drop in net income, while strong TV sales buoy LG

Intel, meanwhile, sees quarterly profit tumble by 29 per cent
18 Jul 2013

Dell or Icahn: Which of Dell’s buyout offers makes the most sense for shareholders?

The sooner the uncertainty over the firm's future direction is over, the better
12 Jul 2013

IBM acquires cloud computing firm CSL International

Israeli firm's technology to be integrated into IBM's zEnterprise
11 Jul 2013

Morrisons selects Automic to streamline processes ahead of Orsyp's Dollar Universe

Speed of deployment was key factor in decision, Morrisons' IT operations manager tells Computing
01 Jul 2013

IBM and 10gen collaborate on database development standard

New open-source project to allow developers to use one protocol to access data in SQL and NoSQL data stores
07 Jun 2013

Fujitsu, HP, IBM and Oracle hit as server sales slip – Gartner

Oracle sees sales drop by more than one-quarter as IBM, HP and Fujitsu also register sharp sales falls
28 May 2013

E-Skills UK and employers team up to launch cyber security apprenticeship

Degree-level qualification aims to boost the number of young people working in IT security
15 May 2013

Queen’s University partners with Infosys to tackle cyber security threat

Queen's secure IT centre and Infosys team up to tackle cloud, Android and iPad security threats
16 Apr 2013

Rugby tries out data analytics

Danny Palmer talks to IBM, Opta and the RFU about their use of data analytics to track every detail at the recent Six Nations rugby tournament
03 Apr 2013

Intel's Altera deal inaugurates shift into foundry business

Is deal to make cutting-edge FPGA chips for Altera the start of a shift into the foundry business – and the first move to make ARM-based microprocessors for Apple?
27 Feb 2013

Google sues BT in the US and UK

Search firm looks to hit back at telecoms giant after 2011 patent case
14 Feb 2013

Hybrid Memory Cube technology – the next step forward in memory?

Samsung, Micron, Microsoft, IBM, ARM and others behind new memory chip technology
21 Jan 2013

US Department of Energy to purchase 100+ petaflop supercomputers

Most powerful supercomputers in the world will replace existing 24 petaflop model
21 Jan 2013

Rumour mill: Splunk to be acquired by IBM?

IBM and Oracle rumoured to be interested in big data software vendor Splunk
14 Jan 2013