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Morrisons selects Automic to streamline processes ahead of Orsyp's Dollar Universe

Morrisons store
Speed of deployment was key factor in decision, Morrisons' IT operations manager tells Computing
01 Jul 2013

IBM and 10gen collaborate on database development standard

Angel Diaz IBM
New open-source project to allow developers to use one protocol to access data in SQL and NoSQL data stores
07 Jun 2013

Fujitsu, HP, IBM and Oracle hit as server sales slip – Gartner

Google datacentre tech servers
Oracle sees sales drop by more than one-quarter as IBM, HP and Fujitsu also register sharp sales falls
28 May 2013

E-Skills UK and employers team up to launch cyber security apprenticeship

Degree-level qualification aims to boost the number of young people working in IT security
15 May 2013

Queen’s University partners with Infosys to tackle cyber security threat

Queen's secure IT centre and Infosys team up to tackle cloud, Android and iPad security threats
16 Apr 2013

Rugby tries out data analytics

Danny Palmer talks to IBM, Opta and the RFU about their use of data analytics to track every detail at the recent Six Nations rugby tournament
03 Apr 2013

Intel's Altera deal inaugurates shift into foundry business

Is deal to make cutting-edge FPGA chips for Altera the start of a shift into the foundry business – and the first move to make ARM-based microprocessors for Apple?
27 Feb 2013

Google sues BT in the US and UK

Search firm looks to hit back at telecoms giant after 2011 patent case
14 Feb 2013

Hybrid Memory Cube technology – the next step forward in memory?

Samsung, Micron, Microsoft, IBM, ARM and others behind new memory chip technology
21 Jan 2013

US Department of Energy to purchase 100+ petaflop supercomputers

Most powerful supercomputers in the world will replace existing 24 petaflop model
21 Jan 2013

Rumour mill: Splunk to be acquired by IBM?

IBM and Oracle rumoured to be interested in big data software vendor Splunk
14 Jan 2013

IBM UK appoints new chief

Australian David Stokes to take over from Stephen Leonard
10 Jan 2013

Predictive analytics helps firms to get 'about three per cent better at guessing', says APT chief

But that is still worth 'a lot of money', claims Jim Manzi
08 Jan 2013

IBM Worklight Studio and Rational Team Concert [Video]

Watch the short demo on the IBM Worklight Studio and Rational Team Concert integration
13 Dec 2012

IBM and Toshiba unveil tech to speed up data transfer and reduce power drains

Faster internet and longer battery life may be good news for mobile future
10 Dec 2012

O2 warns customers about possible personal data loss

Back-up tape misplaced by partner IBM over a year ago
05 Dec 2012

OFT to investigate firms' use of consumer data

Office of Fair Trading to look into legality of personalised prices
04 Dec 2012

IBM sued for fraud over botched software implementation

Chemicals company Avantor claims software project brought it 'to a standstill'
12 Nov 2012

IBM integrates carbon nanotubes into mainstream chip manufacturing

Moore's Law may be safe after all
29 Oct 2012

UPDATED: Somerset County Council preparing for court in escalating conflict with IBM

Council preparing for court due to dispute over Southwest One shared services scheme
22 Oct 2012

Intel profits plummet as IBM revenues flat-line

Enterprises’ cautious IT spend affecting tech giants
17 Oct 2012

Whitman pledges to turn around HP ‘by 2016’ as shares plummet to nine-year low

CEO merry-go-round is to blame for revenue slump, says Whitman
04 Oct 2012

Oracle announces IaaS offering, private cloud, new database and Exadata X3

Larry Ellison launches new products and services at Oracle World in San Francisco, and goes on the offensive against IBM and EMC
01 Oct 2012

IBM spends over $1bn on Kenexa and ships new mainframe

Tech giant looks to improve software and hardware offerings
29 Aug 2012