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IBM IOD 2013: 20 per cent more big data skills will be required within next five years says IBM

That’s 150,000 new roles urgently needed in US alone, says BI chief Rechan
04 Nov 2013

Degree-level apprenticeships in cyber security launched in the UK

Apprenticeships are part of a new 'Cyber Academy' backed by John Lewis, IBM and more
02 Sep 2013

IT Skills & Recruitment at Net a Porter

Net-a-Porter's Richard Lloyd-Williams
Online retailer's head of IT discusses the challenges of recruiting and retaining the skills he needs in his team
12 Aug 2011

IT job market sees gradual improvement

Badenoch & Clark's latest Talent Spotlight report highlights opportunities for IT professionals
09 Aug 2011

Women in IT: In their own words

Dawinderpal Sahota speaks to some of the industry's leading women to find out the consequences of IT's gender divide
08 Aug 2011

The IT Skills Debate - Outsourcing

Computing speaks to Martyn Hart, chairman of the National Outsourcing Association
03 Aug 2011

Java skills now most in demand

Research from IntaPeople shows that Java has overtaken C# as the most sought-after language skill in UK businesses
27 Jul 2011

CIO Interview - Asda

Cheryl Millington, CIO of Asda, discusses her role
27 Jul 2011

Firms appoint social media managers

Some 69 per cent of UK businesses have or will appoint social media community managers in 2011
26 Jul 2011

The IT Skills Debate - Business Intelligence

In this podcast, Computing talks to Jaspersoft about the skills needed for a career in Business Intelligence
25 Jul 2011

Salaries in IT and telecoms rise 7.5 per cent

Average salaries for IT professionals increase from £43,000 last year to £46,000 in 2011
24 Jul 2011

Tech Talk 39 - Anonymous, iPads and Business Assurance

This week Computing is joined by Raj Samani, EMEA CTO for McAfee, to discuss the week's top IT news stories
22 Jul 2011

Cyber security challenge relaunches

New phase of the competition will test the skills of over 500 individuals
22 Jul 2011

Booming silicon roundabout 'owes nothing to government'

Founder of East London startup says government plans to attract giant tech companies to local area risk damaging startup industry
18 Jul 2011

Recruitment and training at CA Technologies

CA Technologies discuss IT recruitment and training issues
11 Jul 2011

What skills does an IT professional need to become a CIO?

Computing caught up with industry experts and education providers in the IT space to find out what the most essential skills are for a CIO
11 Jul 2011

Open University aims to train up future CIOs

Computing visited the Open University to find out about a new stream of courses aimed to train up the CIOs of the future
11 Jul 2011

Schools get high-tech with Dell

Three Derbyshire schools embark on managed service contracts to bring cutting-edge technologies to pupils
08 Jul 2011

SAP seeks 100 recruits in Ireland

The expansion is to provide more technical support and R&D
08 Jul 2011

Royal Society science exhibit showcases Harry Potter-like business innovations

There are more inventions on show at Royal Society than you could shake a wand at - and they have all been developed with business in mind
05 Jul 2011

How can schools attract more students to IT?

Computing asks industry leaders and academics what can be done to increase the number of students pursuing a career in IT
04 Jul 2011

McDonald's discusses IT skills

Mark Fabes, UK IT director at McDonald's discusses recruitment, outsourcing and mentorship
27 Jun 2011

Skilled BI students in short supply

Global study shows shortage of students that understand BI and business
27 Jun 2011

The Essential CIO - Q&A with IBM CIO Simon Meredith

IBM's UK and Ireland CIO Simon Meredith discusses findings from the firm's Essential CIO global study
24 Jun 2011