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Home Office scraps plans to extend Emergency Services Network

Home Office in London
Poor mobile coverage will be rectified by refreshing existing ESN contract, with no need for an extension to mobile services contract
15 Jan 2015

UK government must pay Raytheon £220m in compensation after e-Borders cancellation

Termination of £650m programme 'flawed', finds tribunal
19 Aug 2014

Home Office selects Thales for biometric identity project

Home Office in London
Two-year £3.8m deal will see Thales deliver Biometric Residency Permits for non-EU nationals
13 Aug 2014

Home Office criticised for 'poor IT' after writing off £347m IT project

Little confidence that £209m replacement will be money well spent, says PAC
22 Jul 2014

Home Office welcomes SMEs as it bids to reset the way it works with IT suppliers

ReSET4 programme will see Home Office move away from 'large end-to-end contracts'
02 Jul 2014

Theresa May still wants to push through 'snooper's charter', denies UK is a surveillance state

Home secretary claims legislation is needed to fight modern criminals using the web, but plans still concern privacy campaigners
25 Jun 2014

Government in talks with web firms to block 'extremist' web content

Move aims to block access to violent videos and would also encompass some types of pornography
10 Feb 2014

Government suppliers will need cyber kitemark to win business

Government updates its cyber security strategy two years after its launch
12 Dec 2013

Tech City gets visa and 300Mbps 4G boosts

Prime minister David Cameron unveils new visa to enable tech experts to work in the UK and £15.5m in funding
06 Dec 2013

Home Office working with Google, Apple, Samsung to tackle growing number of mobile thefts

Government wants new security features to make handsets less attractive to thieves
14 Oct 2013

£500m UK e-borders project ‘yet to deliver anticipated benefits’

Only 65 per cent of passenger data is collected and over 649,000 records relating to smuggling were unread and deleted from system
09 Oct 2013

'We're not winning the war on cyber crime,' MPs told

RSA chairman Art Coviello argues war against cyber threats hasn't yet been lost or won
24 Apr 2013

Clegg urges government to rethink ‘snooping Bill’

Deputy PM responds to stinging criticism of Bill from MPs
11 Dec 2012

MPs voice Communications Data Bill concerns to Home Secretary

Joint committee warns Theresa May stored personal data could be exploited by criminals
01 Nov 2012

The Home Office creates private Police ICT Company

Company to take over from doomed NPIA which left the police IT set-up "broken"
17 Jul 2012

Government publishes draft 'snooping Bill', estimated cost: £1.8bn

'China and Iran will be delighted,' says Open Rights Group
14 Jun 2012

Downing Street and Home Office websites hit by Anonymous

DDoS attacks in protest at "draconian" surveillance proposals, and US extradition treaty
08 Apr 2012

UK Border Agency seeks “innovative” payment services for asylum seekers

A contract worth £3m will be issued to the winning bidder
06 Feb 2012

Opinion: Why enterprises should buy their staff new TVs

The TV is the latest device to become internet-enabled, but how does that affect business?
26 Jan 2012

Police IT is confused, fragmented and expensive

Will a new police-led company help to rectify this?
26 Sep 2011

Government backs away from social media restrictions

But meeting with Twitter, Facebook and RIM discusses how law enforcement agencies could “crack down” on criminal use
26 Aug 2011

Foreign Office trials emergency texts abroad service

Foreign Office plans to use mobile communications to warn Brits abroad of crises
12 Aug 2011

Government to tighten IT security in wake of Wikileaks furore

The ongoing Wikileaks saga has prompted a review of government IT security, while experts urge all CIOs to be more vigilant
07 Dec 2010

Consumer groups excluded from internet interception law consultation

Open Rights Group outraged at being left out of the regulatory debate
29 Nov 2010