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HMRC Aspire contract will top £10bn, says NAO

HMRC Whitehall
HMRC criticised for conceding commercial safeguards in major renegotiations - enabling Aspire contractors to earn big profits
22 Jul 2014

HP and Capgemini top government suppliers' earnings list - raking in more than £1bn a year each

Whitehall Monitor finds that government continues to splash cash with big IT suppliers despite promise to move to SMEs
27 Jun 2014

Government makes children's data available to private companies

Details such as gender, ethnicity and eligibility for free school meals to be accessible to researchers and third-party organisations
28 Apr 2014

HMRC to sell taxpayers' financial data to private companies

Government to abolish laws protecting taxpayer privacy to sell “anonymised” information about taxpayers
19 Apr 2014

HMRC delays RTI penalties and readies Universal Credit integration

6 April deadline will be extended as employers continue to struggle with RTI reporting
12 Feb 2014

Where should you store your Bitcoins?

Sooraj Shah investigates whether it is really worth storing Bitcoins in 'cold storage' or an 'insured storage vault'
22 Jan 2014

HMRC warned over real-time information system disaster recovery

MPs urge HMRC to address disaster recovery in new real-time information PAYE system
19 Dec 2013

Top 10 public sector IT stories of 2013

Computing examines the biggest stories in public sector IT in 2013
11 Dec 2013

'You have a one in three chance of being recruited for big data role' SAS tells students

100 roles up for grabs at the likes of PwC, the BBC and HMRC, for 300 who attended today's careers fair
28 Nov 2013

HMRC IT system not the reason for charging discrepancies, says RTI report

Problems came from transition to RTI reporting for employers and payroll service providers
02 Oct 2013

NAO: £480bn of government revenues and £210bn of expenditure reliant on legacy ICT systems

Public sector performance in managing legacy ICT systems is 'patchy', says Amyas Morse
11 Sep 2013

HMRC's five-year plan as renewal approaches on Capgemini's Aspire contract

The tax authority is moving from a monolithic IT systems architecture to a ‘multi-sourced model’ with an integrator and multiple suppliers. Graeme Burton talks to HMRC’s outgoing CIO, Mark Hall, and Capgemini’s Craig Mills
07 Aug 2013

HMRC reveals over £3.7bn spend with Capgemini

HMRC has revealed the details of its spend with Capgemini via the Aspire contract following a FoI request from Computing
05 Aug 2013

Outgoing HMRC CIO Mark Hall scopes out the challenges for Mark Dearnley

Dearnley to lead the way to full digitisation as HMRC adopts 'systems and service integrator' model ahead of 2017 Aspire outsourcing contract renewal
05 Aug 2013

Vodafone CIO to become HMRC's chief digital and information officer

Mark Dearnley to take control of £200m, three-year digitisation programme
01 Aug 2013

HMRC trials 'choose your own device' policy - but it won't be iPads for all

HMRC staff to be allowed to select end-user devices for personal productivity, says CIO Mark Hall
08 Jul 2013

HMRC moves file and printer servers to the cloud to reduce lost office hours

Cetralised storage solution also enables HMRC to cut costs and reduce risk of data loss
27 Jun 2013

Google's 'contrived' tax arrangements must be 'fully investigated' by HMRC

Public Accounts Committee launches scathing attack on web giant's UK tax practices
13 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013: The biggest mobile security risk is still human beings

Education rather than lockdown is key to keeping hold of mobile data, says panel
11 Jun 2013

HMRC's real-time information PAYE system struggles

40,000 taxpayers affected by glitches in RTI system
04 Jun 2013

Google will pay higher taxes if laws changed, says Schmidt

Google chairman once again defends firm's tax arrangements
28 May 2013

Google's Schmidt to meet Cameron following tax reform debate

'International tax law could almost certainly benefit from reform,' says Schmidt
20 May 2013

Google denies accusations of 'unethical' tax arrangement

Google's European boss, Matt Brittin, once again faces Public Accounts Committee over tax
16 May 2013

HMRC analyses data to catch offshore tax evaders

US and Australian tax administrations working with HMRC to fight tax evasion
14 May 2013