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GCHQ to keep a closer eye on Huawei

Government's spy agency to work closely with Chinese firm amid fears that it is spying on the UK
18 Dec 2013

Obama to meet with tech CEOs on NSA, issues

US President will seek advice from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce
17 Dec 2013

Government suppliers will need cyber kitemark to win business

Two people shaking hands
Government updates its cyber security strategy two years after its launch
12 Dec 2013

Government is making progress with big suppliers, claims Maude

Maude declines to comment on the Universal Credit debacle, but says GDS is involved in the long-term solution
11 Dec 2013

Francis Maude: ‘We’ve gone from being crap at digital to becoming a world leader’

Criticism of Obamacare and New Zealand's use of GOV.UK open source code proves that UK is a leader, claims Maude
10 Dec 2013

Encrypting data will not stop government snooping

Tech companies are looking to encryption to protect their data from the NSA – but the truth is, if the government wants, the government gets. Danny Palmer explores the issues
10 Dec 2013

Top 10 IT skills stories of 2013

Computing has a look at the hardest hitting IT skills stories of the year
09 Dec 2013

Cyber skills gap – where does the fault lie?

Are unrealistic recruitment policies to blame for the UK’s cyber skills crisis? Sooraj Shah weighs up the evidence
06 Dec 2013

Tech City gets visa and 300Mbps 4G boosts

Prime minister David Cameron unveils new visa to enable tech experts to work in the UK and £15.5m in funding
06 Dec 2013

Ofcom identifies spectrum bands that could be used for 5G

New spectrum could expand mobile data capacity by 25 times by 2030
21 Nov 2013

NSA had access to UK citizens mobile and email details from 2007

Edward Snowden's latest leaks reveal that the US may have attempted to spy on UK citizens without the government's approval
21 Nov 2013

Cambridgeshire County Council takes on Ipswitch's MOVEit solution to transfer data securely

Council says it can now transfer data securely to third parties
20 Nov 2013

Exclusive: Universal Credit programme is one of many DWP failures on the horizon, warns former employee

Ex-consultant says that projects have been plagued by Department for Work & Pensions lack of planning
14 Nov 2013

Former DWP employee slams department for "risk averse" strategy and seeking tabloid approval

Lead IT suppliers are equally to blame for project flaws, claims ex-consultant
12 Nov 2013

Digital Services Framework could enable 70 'new' firms to secure central government contracts

183 suppliers in total that can secure contracts - 84 per cent of which are SMEs
12 Nov 2013

Government IT project beset by management problems, delays, and technical complications

Nick Kennell, principal and public sector lead at transformation consultancy Moorhouse, explains why the government fails at project management
01 Nov 2013

Data sharing, better infrastructure and data science on the menu for UK, says government

Better use of data is 'essential for the UK's competitive advantage' says paper
31 Oct 2013

Infosys pays $34m to settle US government visa dispute

Indian software firm blames 'paperwork errors' and insists it's done nothing wrong
31 Oct 2013

Public sector data protection constraints are 'artificial and kneejerk' says Eastbourne council deputy CEO

Joining up data sets would create a 'far more effective' public sector, says Osgathorpe
30 Oct 2013

Q&A with the Cyber Security Challenge participant who landed a cyber role at PwC

Computing speaks to Chris Doman, who came second in one of the challenges, about how the CSC enabled him to enter the cyber security field
29 Oct 2013

MoJ issues £109m tender for application maintenance, support and deployment

MoJ's prior information notice had suggested the contract would be worth up to £180m
28 Oct 2013

ICO fines Ministry of Justice £140k after prison leaks 1,182 prisoner details to families

'Clear lack of management oversight' in evidence, says David Smith
24 Oct 2013

NIST releases cyber security framework to help US firms reduce risks

President Obama had instructed NIST to develop a voluntary framework for critical infrastucture owners and operators in February
23 Oct 2013

National Crime Agency to hire 400 trainee cyber intelligence officers

Trainees don't need formal qualifications and will earn £22,407 a year
22 Oct 2013