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Google: 'UK privacy law has no power over us'

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Google seeks to limit the damage over its alleged web-tracking of Apple users
19 Aug 2013

Google goes down for five minutes – internet activity plunges 40 per cent

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Google outage affected all services, but the web company is reluctant to explain what happened
19 Aug 2013

Google introduces encryption to Google Cloud Storage - but NSA will still have easy access

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Server-side encryption will secure user data from attack. But Google will hold the keys
16 Aug 2013

Microsoft accuses Google of placing “impossible roadblocks” in front of Windows Phone YouTube app

“Their objections are nothing other than excuses” says Microsoft antitrust VP Howard
16 Aug 2013

Samsung and Android dominate global smartphone market – but Lenovo is growing fast

Gartner figures show commanding market share leads for Samsung and Android - with Motorola nowhere to be seen
14 Aug 2013

'Google, Amazon and Facebook will gobble up cloud competition' - Trainline IS Director

Josko Grljevic believes the future will be dominated by big cloud providers
09 Aug 2013

Android claims 80 per cent share of smartphone market

Apple's share dips as Google device popularity climbs
02 Aug 2013

Google 'self-driving' Moto X smartphone to be released this month

Advanced voice control and long battery life promised, but no European release date yet
02 Aug 2013

Google updates SSL certificates to 2048-bit encryption

Certificate chain also changing as company cites security concerns for overhaul
31 Jul 2013

Android 4.3 launches – multi-user restricted profiles provide incentive for enterprise

Wi-Fi performance and graphical processing boosts also arrive in latest Jelly Bean
29 Jul 2013

Microsoft's Bing the first search engine to comply with government demand for 'search term warning'

Bing box will warn users that the content they are searching for is illegal and tell them to seek counselling
29 Jul 2013

Google Chromecast streams mobile data to TV and Apple devices

The $35 device will be a cause for concern for Apple in both the living room and boardroom
25 Jul 2013

New Google Nexus 7 inadvertently revealed by US retailer Best Buy

Yours for $230, the Android 4.3 tablet will ship with Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Pro microprocessor
24 Jul 2013

'Patent troll' Eolas defeated in final court appeal over invalidated patents

US appeals court upholds invalidation of Eolas' controversial web patents
23 Jul 2013

Google buys into chipmaker behind Google Glass display technology

Google purchases stake in Taiwanese display technology company Himix
22 Jul 2013

Why Google shares fell despite 19 per cent growth in revenues

Mobile advertising concerns reflected in five per cent drop in share price
19 Jul 2013

Android's 'back up my data' feature could show FBI your password

Bug reported by EFF stores passwords in plain text, potentially granting authorities access through PRISM
18 Jul 2013

EU demands more concessions from Google to settle anti-trust case

Competition Commissioner writes to Eric Schmidt demanding more concessions from Google
17 Jul 2013

Google in talks with media companies over streaming TV channels

Could this be another part of Google's Fiber plans?
17 Jul 2013

BlackBerry Z10 prices slashed in the US

$99 on two-year contract with AT&T or Verizon, or $49 with Amazon or Best Buy
15 Jul 2013

Merkel vows to push for tougher EU laws to protect personal data

Different systems across EU makes it harder to control who has access to web users' personal data
15 Jul 2013

Nokia chose Windows instead of Android to offer mobile carriers 'third alternative'

Stephen Elop opted out of negotiations with Google as he could see Samsung dominating Android back in 2010
15 Jul 2013

US to block French-led action on tax avoidance by Apple, Amazon and Google

US will only back modest reforms to global tax treaties to tackle avoidance by multinationals
15 Jul 2013

Standard Life keeps faith with Webtrends to better understand its customers

Google Analytics will be used to supplement Webtrends analytics and reporting software
08 Jul 2013