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Google EU antitrust case reaches 'key moment' says Commission

Search engine giant seems to be moving towards settlement agreement
01 Oct 2013

MPs criticise Google's 'derisory' efforts to prevent piracy

Online Piracy
Culture, Media and Sport Committee says web giant needs to do more to curb illegal films and music
26 Sep 2013

Tesco launches Android-powered 7-inch Hudl tablet

Tablet built from the ground up targets those who might not usually consider buying such a device
23 Sep 2013

Review: New Google Nexus 7 (2013)

Google's new Nexus 7 is faster, brighter and slicker, but is it really anything special?
17 Sep 2013

Google working on migrating from MySQL to MariaDB

Google has been working with the MariaDB Foundation since the beginning of the year
13 Sep 2013

BT “will challenge York broadband project in EU courts”, says CityFibre

Cityfibre's policy and regulation director claims that BT wants to bring Google Fiber-like project to a halt
12 Sep 2013

Facebook and Yahoo ask for permission to publish national security-related data requests

US government prohibits companies from disclosing this information
10 Sep 2013

NSA tapped into networks of Google, Brazilian oil firm, among others

Revelations likely to further strain relations between the US and Brazil
09 Sep 2013

Microsoft 'has shot itself in the foot' with Nokia acquisition, says Linux International director

Jon 'Maddog' Hall claims acquisition is like Microsoft buying Dell 30 years ago
06 Sep 2013

Max Mosley sues Google over 'Nazi sex party' images

Former F1 boss wants Google to remove any trace of online images of party, claiming a breach of privacy
06 Sep 2013

Google gets hit by Microsoft again in Motorola patent case

Motorola Mobility has to pay Microsoft $14.5m in damages
05 Sep 2013

Android 100 times more likely to contract malware than iOS, says Homeland Security

Google tightens Play Store developer regulations in response to criticisms
27 Aug 2013

Google chairman Eric Schmidt says Google didn't steal from Oracle

Google chairman uses Google+ to reject Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's claims
27 Aug 2013

Amazon down again as problems plague Instragram, Netflix and Vine

'Partial failure of networking device' blamed by company in second outage in a week
27 Aug 2013

Is Amazon setting up its own Google Fiber-beating wireless network?

Sources suggest e-commerce firm is testing network in Cupertino, California
23 Aug 2013

Yahoo beats Google in US web traffic

Company receives more visitors than rival for first time in over two years
23 Aug 2013

‘Secure’ Android tablets launched for government and MoD

Becrypt and Getac team up to provide security platforms for Windows 8 and Android tablets
20 Aug 2013

Google: 'UK privacy law has no power over us'

Google seeks to limit the damage over its alleged web-tracking of Apple users
19 Aug 2013

Google goes down for five minutes – internet activity plunges 40 per cent

Google outage affected all services, but the web company is reluctant to explain what happened
19 Aug 2013

Google introduces encryption to Google Cloud Storage - but NSA will still have easy access

Server-side encryption will secure user data from attack. But Google will hold the keys
16 Aug 2013

Microsoft accuses Google of placing “impossible roadblocks” in front of Windows Phone YouTube app

“Their objections are nothing other than excuses” says Microsoft antitrust VP Howard
16 Aug 2013

Samsung and Android dominate global smartphone market – but Lenovo is growing fast

Gartner figures show commanding market share leads for Samsung and Android - with Motorola nowhere to be seen
14 Aug 2013

'Google, Amazon and Facebook will gobble up cloud competition' - Trainline IS Director

Josko Grljevic believes the future will be dominated by big cloud providers
09 Aug 2013

Android claims 80 per cent share of smartphone market

Apple's share dips as Google device popularity climbs
02 Aug 2013