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Unseemly erections

10 Jun 2013

Vodafone pays no UK corporation tax for the second time

Vodafone store
Despite revenues exceeding £5bn, mobile firm says it wiped out tax liabilities with investments and interest payments
07 Jun 2013

Google Glass should be banned, say fifth of Britons and Americans

Sergey Brin Google Glass
Privacy concerns are a barrier to adoption of wearable technology
04 Jun 2013

Wearable technology 'will be powerful for big data analytics' says Rackspace

Technology will allow firms like Nike to mine a rich new seam of consumer data
04 Jun 2013

The next Facebook or Apple will not be European

But Google may yet be 'next Microsoft', says Parallels founder Beloussov
03 Jun 2013

'We expect to make money from Google Fiber' says Google

Fibre cable business due to widen beyond Kansas City network pilot project
31 May 2013

We will not cooperate with 'snooper's charter', warn web giants

In a leaked letter Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter warn home secretary over surveillance plans
30 May 2013

Computing Tech Tiff debate: order or chaos in mobile phone platforms?

Technology debating reaches critical mass in new video series
30 May 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook says company has 'game-changing' products on the way

Wearable technology and Apple TV could be next - but Cook isn't worried about Samsung or Google
29 May 2013

More Google concessions required before EU antitrust investigation ends

Joaquin Almunia tells firm it needs to improve its proposals
28 May 2013

Google will pay higher taxes if laws changed, says Schmidt

Google chairman once again defends firm's tax arrangements
28 May 2013

Google+ designer joins start-up Intercom - after two-year stint at Facebook

Paul Adams to join Intercom after advising the company for nine months
24 May 2013

Google and Facebook square up in bidding war for Waze

Mobile satellite navigation start-up at the centre of $1bn tussle
24 May 2013

Google faces another antitrust investigation

New US probe comes as Europe and Canada start examining web giant's practices
24 May 2013

Ed Miliband says Google must pay more in UK taxes

Labour leader is 'disappointed' in Google's arrangements
22 May 2013

Google loses out to Paypal as it shuts down Checkout to focus on Wallet

Google Checkout to close after losing out in seven-year payments battle with Paypal
21 May 2013

Apple 'avoids paying billions of dollars in tax', say US senators

Apple uses 'complex web of offshore entities', including three in Ireland, where it is taxed 0.05 per cent
21 May 2013

Google's Schmidt to meet Cameron following tax reform debate

'International tax law could almost certainly benefit from reform,' says Schmidt
20 May 2013

Amazon latest tech firm to have questions raised over tax structure

Whistleblower says his sales team travels to Slough to iron out Amazon contracts
17 May 2013

Google denies accusations of 'unethical' tax arrangement

Google's European boss, Matt Brittin, once again faces Public Accounts Committee over tax
16 May 2013

Google unveils personalised Google Maps

New service builds around idea of 'a map for every person and place'
16 May 2013

Apple supplier Pegatron to hire 40,000 staff to make budget iPhone

Sixty per cent of Pegatron's revenues to be in second half of 2013, says CFO
10 May 2013

Barnes & Noble shares leap 24 per cent on report that Microsoft to buy Nook tablet and ebook business

Report comes six days after plans revealed for Nook devices to support Google Play
10 May 2013

Google-owned Motorola faces steep fine from EC for 'abusing dominant position'

Motorola attempted to enforce an injunction to stop Apple selling iPhones in Germany
08 May 2013