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Dropbox and Google storage models 'a loser’s game' while Microsoft lags 'eight years behind' Box says VP of engineering

Competitors risk 'negative margin' without offering USP on top of storage offering, warns Sam Schillace
03 Sep 2014

Cabinet Office completes trial of Google Apps, Evernote, Libre Office, Android and iOS devices

The Cabinet Office in London
Staff were 'extremely reluctant' to return trial equipment, according to Cabinet Office
10 Mar 2014

Government wants to drop Microsoft Office for open source alternatives

Microsoft Office 365 staircase
Francis Maude says switch will result in cost savings and better collaboration
29 Jan 2014

Analysis: Microsoft feels heat from Office rivals

For the first time in almost two decades, Microsoft is facing a serious challenge in one of its core software cash cows: Microsoft Office
19 Mar 2013

Microsoft refreshes Office 365 for business

Analysts warn of vendor lock-in with latest update
27 Feb 2013

Oxford blocks Google Docs

Google needs to do more to fight cyber-crime, says university after spate of phishing attacks
19 Feb 2013

Google drops support for .doc in Google Apps

Google’s cloud office suite stops export of documents in older Microsoft Office formats
27 Sep 2012

Google launches new cloud storage service (UPDATED)

Google Drive could spur on Facebook to make acquisition, says analyst
24 Apr 2012

Bank embarks on biggest Google Apps for Business rollout to date

The deal marks a watershed in public cloud deals according to industry analysts
11 Jan 2012

Axing Google's Gears may spark security concerns

Enterprise users of Google Apps may not welcome focus on HTML5 analysts warn
23 Nov 2011

Is cloud computing a rip-off? On-premise bites back

The cloud juggernaut thunders on but there are continuing doubts about service viability and concerns that vendors are using it to hike prices
02 Jun 2011

Google Apps for Government seeing UK interest

IT leaders still say there are details to be ironed out
18 Mar 2011

Discussions not enough for Google to expand in enterprise space

Analysts say new feature is no game-changer
17 Mar 2011

Google adds discussions to Docs

New feature improves collaboration among business users
16 Mar 2011

Canute and consumerisation

08 Mar 2011

An American iPad in Britain

A case of overhyped, overpriced and over here, or a useful tool for work, rest and play?
19 May 2010

First impressions of Microsoft Office 2010 Web Applications

The basic functions in the technical preview work, but there's still a long way to go
18 Sep 2009

Q&A: Microsoft Office Live product manager Tim Kimber

As Microsoft releases a technical preview of its Office 2010 Web Applications, we find out what it means for users
18 Sep 2009