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11 Mar 2011

Access management projects rarely achieve objectives, say analysts

Password login security screen
Experts explain why identity and access management projects are failing
11 Mar 2011

Applying the Eight Building Blocks of CRM to Social Media

Gartner looks at the eight building blocks of CRM to improve the effectiveness and long-term success of their programmes.
10 Mar 2011

IAM projects must focus on processes, not technology

The disconnect between IT and the business should be addressed before a business buys new kit
10 Mar 2011

Cloud contracts: the devil is in the vagueness

Analyst firm advises companies to undertake a deep risk analysis before entering an agreement
09 Mar 2011

Gartner BPM Summit: Agile development costs more in the long term

CIOs are not often aware of the “horrific figures”
09 Mar 2011

Gartner BPM summit: Don't mention technology when selling BPM to the board

If CIOs want the board to buy in to BPM projects, they need to lay off the jargon
09 Mar 2011

Blades point up datacentre cooling inadequacies, say analysts

Gartner report recommends high density zones to optimise power and cooling provision
02 Mar 2011

Server sales saw strong 2010, says analyst

Much to the delight of HP and IBM
25 Feb 2011

Business users demand simpler, mobile BI tools

Gartner says ease-of-use rather than functionality is now top buying criterion
21 Feb 2011

'Smart government' raises accountability concerns, says Gartner

But benefits will be seen in terms of better services and operational efficiencies
15 Feb 2011

More enterprises using open source to gain a competitive edge

Gartner study reveals IT chiefs' growing trust in open-source software
09 Feb 2011

PC market sees decline at end of 2010

Gartner says western Europe PC market declined 4 per cent in fourth quarter of 2010
08 Feb 2011

Business intelligence data no longer confined to the enterprise user

Business intelligence will come to every level of the organisation, and then to consumers, states CTO
01 Feb 2011

The Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011

Computing attends the Gartner summit, to bring you the latest news and trends for the global leaders of BI
01 Feb 2011

Lenovo may increase presence in the West, says analyst

The deal with NEC will see economies of scale and lower prices
28 Jan 2011

Tech Talk news 19: Analysis - Apple and Macworld

Join Tech Talk for a rundown of the week's top IT news stories. This week's debate: why is Apple ignoring Macworld?
28 Jan 2011

Intel security game-changer could be native Trusted Extension support

Future McAfee versions likely to have close hardware coupling, predict security pundits
28 Jan 2011

Gartner: broken business processes will bust big business

Ten major firms will fall foul of process snafus by the end of 2014, analysts warn
27 Jan 2011

IT chiefs urged to nail enterprise app strategy

Define mobile app strategy or get left behind, IT leaders warned
27 Jan 2011

Gartner says getting to grips with master data won’t be easy

Deep knowledge of business processes required
24 Jan 2011

UK enterprise IT budgets to shrink by 6.9 per cent in 2011

But Gartner survey finds that CIOs globally are focusing more on growth and consolidation than cost cutting
21 Jan 2011

Business leaders - how this week's news will affect you

The week in IT has been full of announcements, departures and launches - but how will it affect the CIO?
14 Jan 2011

Worldwide PC shipments bounce back but competition from gadgets growing

Gartner says vendors shifted 93.5 million units in Q4
13 Jan 2011