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Strong IT governance boosts return on assets

Contract being signed
Organisations with strong IT governance practices see 20 per cent higher return on assets, according to Gartner
15 Jun 2011

Five reasons why collaboration initiatives fail

Tug of war team pulling on rope
Gartner indentifies five myths about collaboration
03 Jun 2011

Enterprises failing to implement layered fraud prevention

Online fraud
Analyst firm Gartner argues that a single layer will not keep out determined attackers
24 May 2011

Smartphone sales up by 85 per cent on 2010

Smartphones accounted for 23.6 per cent of overall sales in first quarter 2011
20 May 2011

IT chiefs warned over cloud's hidden costs

Many cloud contracts are weighted too heavily in favour of providers, says Gartner
19 May 2011

Supply chain management suppliers enjoy bumper year

Gartner reports double-digit growth in market segment
11 May 2011

Worldwide software market bouncing back

Gartner report shows 8.5 per cent growth in global software market in 2010
05 May 2011

Lizamoon: will lessons be learned?

The recent massive SQL injection attack was a stark reminder of how slack coding practices can have sometimes devastating consequences
19 Apr 2011

Divided loyalties may scupper government's ICT strategy, warns Gartner

Whitehall ICT governance structure is seriously flawed, argues analyst firm
19 Apr 2011

Tablets undermine PC sales

Q1 2011 PC sales fall well short of Gartner's estimate
14 Apr 2011

Turning work into play will drive innovation

Gaming could revolutionise business processes, says Gartner
12 Apr 2011

Iron Mountain quits IaaS market

Cut-throat market claims third provider in 12 months
11 Apr 2011

IaaS providers not up to enterprise challenge says Gartner

They lack the range of services corporates need to achieve long-term strategic goals
07 Apr 2011

You’ll miss it when it’s gone

05 Apr 2011

Gartner: iPad will be the enterprise tablet to beat

Analyst also suggests CIOs should start experimenting with tablets sooner rather than later
05 Apr 2011

Open source vs proprietary software

The pros and cons of choosing open source software over proprietary
05 Apr 2011

Social media predicted to have massive influence on consumer spending

Gartner says a two-way digital marketing approach is critical to success
29 Mar 2011

Don’t let the cloud bite you in the PaaS

Prepare your business for the year of platform-as-a-service
23 Mar 2011

What BI vendors have to offer

Shop around to find the specific features relevant to your business
22 Mar 2011

The case for business intelligence

What is business intelligence and what is the best way to enhance its powers for your organisation?
22 Mar 2011

Agile does not equal myopic

22 Mar 2011

Managers should converge IT and operational technology

Gartner says benefits can include optimised business processes and reduced costs
16 Mar 2011

Datacentres to shrink significantly, says Gartner

Change drivers include green IT and innovative datacentre design
15 Mar 2011

All major software vendors will offer cloud-based platforms in 2011

With most enterprises having migrated at least some of their core business software by 2015
14 Mar 2011