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Emirates NBD sees 40 per cent cost savings since datacentre consolidation

Telecity datacentre
At Gartner's datacentre and IT operations summit 2011 this week, Emirates NBD revealed the benefits of its large datacentre consolidation project
01 Dec 2011

Guide to cloud formations – Why PaaS up a good opportunity?

Deloitte's Bhavesh Morar
The PaaS market is huge, and Gartner predicts it will become a ubiquitous solution for hosting application platforms
29 Nov 2011

Eurozone break-up will lead to tech disruption, says Gartner analyst

Peter Redshaw argues banks will have to rethink their IT portfolio
28 Nov 2011

New management styles will emerge from IT consumerisation, says Gartner

CIOs have to bend to changes in user needs says research firm
08 Nov 2011

Opinion: Five steps to better cost control

Diligent and detailed expense tracking is the bedrock of sound budget management
18 Oct 2011

Gartner: Multitouch sways users away from the keyboard

Enterprises will all use tablets if there is functional use, says Ovum analyst
11 Oct 2011

Mobile security - how worried should you be?

While security vendors often over-hype mobile threats, IT leaders cannot afford to be complacent
05 Oct 2011

Gartner: Cutting IT costs by 25 per cent can be done in 10 steps

Analyst firms outlines its action plan for reducing IT expenditure
29 Sep 2011

Opinion: vendor relationships – the more the merrier

Managing a multi-vendor infrastructure is simple, cheap and better than is commonly thought
13 Sep 2011

Firms urged to outsource supply chain management

Gartner says companies should focus on what they do best and leave the rest to partners
07 Sep 2011

Gartner’s verdict on advanced security threats: firms must try harder

Targeted attacks are using known exploits, so companies need to act to block them, says analyst outfit
25 Aug 2011

Security giants feel the heat

18 Aug 2011

Big opportunity, big dilemma

Big data will offer all kinds of business opportunities to those prepared to take it on
18 Aug 2011

Mini notebook shipments plummet by 53 per cent

PC shipments drop across the board as users turn to tablets and smartphones
17 Aug 2011

Gartner: Marketeers must take account of "social media fatigue"

Survey suggests many younger consumers are getting bored with their social networks
15 Aug 2011

Mobile sales continue to surge

Up 16.6 per cent year on year in second quarter of 2011
11 Aug 2011

Moving on up: Essential guide to LAN upgrades

Martin Courtney examines the system performance and commercial issues that can trigger network upgrades, and talks to IT leaders at two major organisation about what drove their recent infrastructure refreshes
03 Aug 2011

Gartner: Top security vendors are losing market share

Gartner says that the top five software security vendors now own less than half of the global market between them
27 Jul 2011

NFC revolution fails to materialise

Analyst firm dampens expectations of another mobile revolution
21 Jul 2011

Study: CFOs call the shots in enterprise IT

Gartner research suggests that CIOs do not have control of the purse strings
07 Jul 2011

Gartner increases estimate for worldwide IT spend

Spend on public cloud services will reach £55bn in 2011
30 Jun 2011

'Big data' challenge too big for information managers

IT leaders must look at variety and velocity to meet big data opportunities
27 Jun 2011

Marketing iPad apps set to see big increase

Gartner argues that CMOs are the most likely senior staff to use the iPad
23 Jun 2011

Mobile ad revenue set to double in 2011

Gartner forecasts mobile ad spending to surpass £2bn this year
16 Jun 2011