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Global outsourcing market to reach $288bn in 2013 - Gartner

Outsourcing market growth being driven by infrastructure-as-a-service at the expense of traditional outsourcing
17 Jul 2013

Gartner cuts IT spending forecasts for 2013

Large gold pound sign
Forecast increases in global IT spending cut - but $3.7 trillion in sales of hardware, software and services still expected
02 Jul 2013

Fujitsu, HP, IBM and Oracle hit as server sales slip – Gartner

Google datacentre tech servers
Oracle sees sales drop by more than one-quarter as IBM, HP and Fujitsu also register sharp sales falls
28 May 2013

Semiconductor industry hit by falling revenues in 2012

Intel stays top for 21st year in a row, but falling PC sales and competition hits revenues
03 Apr 2013

Gartner: Huawei up to third place in global smartphone rankings but Apple, Samsung still dominate

2012 saw an overall decline in global mobile phone sales of 1.7 per cent
13 Feb 2013

Analysis: It takes skills to explore big data

Sooraj Shah examines the mix of skills organisations need to undertake a successful big data project
24 Jan 2013

Lenovo overtakes Acer’s EMEA PC sales but HP remains top

Chinese PC maker bucks trend of decline in PC sales
18 Jan 2013

Worldwide IT spending to grow to $3.7tn in 2013, claims Gartner

But Europe will actually cut tech spending, according to Forrester
03 Jan 2013

Schmidt: 'We’re imitating Microsoft’s lead against Apple from 20 years ago'

Google chairman says Android is winning mobile OS war
12 Dec 2012

H4cked Off: Rumours of the death of the desktop have been exaggerated

Computing argues in favour of the humble desktop
13 Aug 2012

Lenovo to become world’s biggest PC maker ‘this year’, say analysts

Growth rates put Lenovo on course to overtake HP in the third quarter
16 Jul 2012

Yammer deal gives Microsoft much-needed clout in social business market, says analyst

Rival NewsGator may suffer as a consequence
26 Jun 2012

Europe behind the US on cloud – Gartner

EU diversity and Eurozone crisis to blame
03 Jun 2012

Security monitoring of employee behaviour on the rise – Gartner

Two-thirds of companies will have formal monitoring programmes by 2015, with social media the focus, say analysts – but there are risks
29 May 2012

Betfair selects Unica to improve marketing capabilities

Betting website says it will benefit from a multi-channel system
25 May 2012

Opinion: Big data raises big issues for IT departments

IT leaders must brace themselves for four impacts
18 May 2012

What are the chances?

02 May 2012

Analysis: Why the Big Apple's IT is rotten to the core

Failed IT projects... costly over-runs... budgets embarrassingly busted.It is not just projects in the UK's public sector that can often go horribly wrong
18 Apr 2012

Gartner's IT spending forecasts over-optimistic

Analysts predict revised global increase, but UK figures unlikely to be so healthy
06 Apr 2012

Analysis: Rise of the cloud – this time it’s personal

The personal computer is dead, again. Long live the personal cloud
20 Mar 2012

Personal cloud will oust personal computers by 2014, predicts Gartner

Analyst firm announces the end of an era – sort of
13 Mar 2012

Case study: Avon calls on business intelligence to tailor sales offers

Avon is reaping the rewards of integrating its data into functional warehouses, and implementing a suite of business analytics tools
13 Feb 2012

Analysis: Is there a need for social analytics in the enterprise?

What is the role of social analytics in the enterprise and what are the barriers to deployment?
20 Jan 2012

Gartner predicts global IT spending to grow 3.7 per cent in 2012

Thailand floods, eurozone crisis and uncertain economic outlook mean growth will be patchy
05 Jan 2012