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More than 60 per cent of UK firms have deployed Internet of Things solutions

Internet of Things
UK leads Germany and France with adoption of Internet of Things solutions
20 Nov 2014

IT leaders dismiss report on negative executive perceptions of the CIO

IT leaders from BG Group and Network Rail Telecom dismiss Forrester report, suggesting their boards are on board with IT reforms
01 Aug 2014

Are enterprises using the right tools to harness big data?

Are the latest big data technologies going to replace or work alongside traditional tools, asks Sooraj Shah
11 Apr 2014

Hadoop Summit 2014: Organisations are only analysing 12 per cent of their data - Forrester

'Cold data' is just sitting in traditional data warehouses, says Mike Gualtieri
02 Apr 2014

TomTom steers away from 'weak' VersionOne to pick Rally Software for agile project management

TomTom vice president Janisse "had grown to hate VersionOne" at previous employer
19 Feb 2014

Dell could move into wearable technology market

Ailing PC maker could join Google and Nike in the wearable tech arena
05 Jul 2013

Microsoft refreshes Office 365 for business

Analysts warn of vendor lock-in with latest update
27 Feb 2013

Worldwide IT spending to grow to $3.7tn in 2013, claims Gartner

But Europe will actually cut tech spending, according to Forrester
03 Jan 2013

Video: Big Data Summit - Is investment needed to exploit big data?

In this video, delegates and speakers from Computing's recent Big Data Summit discuss whether investment is needed in order to exploit value from big data
12 Jul 2012

IT departments will adapt and survive

19 Jun 2012

Betfair selects Unica to improve marketing capabilities

Betting website says it will benefit from a multi-channel system
25 May 2012

CIOs need to step up to remain relevant in business, says analyst

Legacy systems, a victim mentality and an obsession with 'bulletproof solutions' are holding back CIOs
20 Apr 2012

CIOs fear business leaders see cloud as way to circumvent IT

Public cloud services are undermining internal IT teams, according to report
23 Mar 2012

Europe has more room for iPad competitors than the US

However, suppliers need to develop a strong ecosystem
09 Aug 2011

Cloud market will total £146bn by 2020, says Forrester

But aspects of the public cloud will go into decline
26 Apr 2011

Ready to take the tablets?

Can IT managers meet the growing demand from users for tablet computing without adding to the administrative burden on their staff?
19 Apr 2011

Most enterprises are not taking the tablets

Forrester research reveals that the overwhelming majority of firms have yet to adopt the devices
31 Mar 2011

How to cut waste through licence optimisation

Methods for organisations to eliminate non-essential software costs
08 Mar 2011

Tech market outlook: more of the same but with some important twists

14 Jan 2011

Social marketers face growing mistrust in 2011

Forrester predicts it will be harder for firms to derive benefits from social media strategies this year
05 Jan 2011

System management capabilities to focus on for ramping up virtualization in 2011

08 Dec 2010

Analyst predicts slow uptake of NAC in 2011

Forrester foresees low interest in network access control as a standalone technology
03 Dec 2010

Developing a sourcing strategy

Outsourcing the helpdesk can free up IT staff to focus on more strategic priorities. But what is the best way of going about finding an external provider? Christine Ferrusi Ross of Forrester Research offers advice on developing a sourcing strategy
30 Nov 2010

Forrester predicts iPad will have multiple business roles

Analyst firm offers advice on how businesses can benefit from tablet PCs
28 Oct 2010