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Maria Miller vows to cut out ‘bureaucratic’ broadband processes

New culture secretary Maria Miller for the Department for Culture Media and Sport image
Local councils stripped of ability to block installation of cabinets
07 Sep 2012

Hunt: UK will have fastest broadband network in Europe by 2015

Secretary of state for culture media and sport Jeremy Hunt
But state cannot be expected to fund and build a nationwide FTTH network, says culture secretary
20 Aug 2012

Government, BT bite back in ‘visionless’ broadband claims

Red fibre broadband strands image
Former BT CTO criticised for remarks over fast broadband rollout
06 Aug 2012

Former BT CTO slams UK's 'visionless' broadband plans

Government has 'no vision, mission or plans', says Cochrane
02 Aug 2012

House of Lords select committee slams UK broadband rollout

Rural areas left behind as government is said to be preoccupied with broadband speed
31 Jul 2012

Next-gen broadband, BT-style

02 May 2012

BT is neglecting small firms

21 Mar 2012

UK absent from Fibre-to-the-Home global ranking

Only economies with more than 1 per cent of households connected to FTTH can be ranked
17 Feb 2012

Scotland publishes digital infrastructure plan

It aims to have world-class digital infrastructure in place by 2020
01 Feb 2012

Socitm urges public-sector CIOs to drive superfast broadband rollout

A new report argues that they must use their local knowledge to tackle 'notspots'
31 Jan 2012

2011 Round-up: Broadband rollout in the UK

How is the government’s plan for a superfast broadband network playing out?
29 Dec 2011

Government threatens to withdraw broadband funding from slacking authorities

Draft plans for rollout have to be submitted by February
15 Dec 2011

Ofcom report: UK lags competitors in take up of superfast broadband

The report is the regulator’s sixth International Communications Market study
14 Dec 2011

FOI request shows broadband money goes unspent

The Countryside Alliance claims the government is not delivering on its promise
09 Dec 2011

The Federation of Small Businesses calls for further investment in broadband

It says that the government is focusing too much on investment in urban areas
08 Dec 2011

Government plan puts superfast broadband on the map

National Infrastructure Plan reveals the superfast haves and have-nots
30 Nov 2011

Kroes suggests raising copper prices to support broadband rollout

The EC vice president hopes this will make ISPs commit to investment
29 Nov 2011

BT and Commendium last remaining bidders for Highlands and Islands broadband pilot after rivals pull out

Cable & Wireless and Fujitsu are no longer part of the bidding process
28 Nov 2011

Geo Networks quits Broadband Delivery UK, criticising BT's prices

Geo Networks' CEO releases damning statement claiming BT's pole and duct prices are too high
16 Nov 2011

Ofcom infrastructure report reveals fast broadband winners and losers

Northern Ireland tops fast broadband league, while Wales gets wooden spoon
02 Nov 2011

BT speeds up fibre broadband rollout

Telco is recruiting more engineers in bid to hit its fast broadband target one year early
31 Oct 2011

Telecom World Conference: ITU and Broadband Commission launch global broadband targets

A league table will be produced annually
25 Oct 2011

Olympics will deepen London's pool of IT talent, says 2012 CIO

In addition to skilled IT staff, 2012 Games will give capital a vast fibre-optic network, says Gerry Pennell, CIO for the games' organising committee
10 Oct 2011

Culture secretary urges mobile operators to ditch differences ahead of 4G auction

Hunt also criticised the time it takes to establish prices for access to BT’s ducts and poles
15 Sep 2011