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Facebook: Mobile is our 'Home Alone' moment

Facebook executive denies that the trend towards mobile computing will 'come into our nice house and trash it'
02 Oct 2012

Google buys facial recognition software maker Viewdle

$45m deal for Ukrainian software developer announced as Google shuts more services
02 Oct 2012

H4cked Off: The strange world of 'personal' Facebook adverts

Facebook's definition of 'targeted' advertising is well wide of the mark, says Danny Palmer
20 Sep 2012

Analysis: the IPO blues - and how to avoid them

Recession notwithstanding, it’s been a tough few months for many web-based service companies that have recently made public offerings on the stock exchange. So why is it often a case of ‘Oh no!’ after IPO?
17 Sep 2012

Facebook chief vows to fight back after "disappointing" share performance

Zuckerberg claims Wall Street misunderstands the firm's mobile prospects
12 Sep 2012

Special report: 2012 and the war for data

The past few months have seen worrying developments for those who value their privacy and expect personal data to be handled with a degree of circumspection. So is the fight for the right to be forgotten a lost cause?
05 Sep 2012

'Interest targeting' and how Twitter is #winning the social media advertising battle

Twitter is continuing to guard its brand and look to monetise its services, in ways that Facebook could do with studying
31 Aug 2012

The latest winners and losers in the tech market

It's been a good week for hardware, but a grim few days for social media
17 Aug 2012

H4cked Off: Facebook, consider yourself unfriended

After years of increasing unease over the antics of the social media pioneer, John Leonard is pulling the plug
15 Aug 2012

Analysis: Why would Apple invest in Twitter?

Reports are circulating that Apple may shortly invest in Twitter, but how would this move fit into the hardware-focused company's strategy?
30 Jul 2012

Twitter blocks Instagram from friend search function

Microblogging platform solidifies its position as content hub
27 Jul 2012

Facebook shares one third down

Failure to capitalise on the growing mobile market exacerbates investors' worries
27 Jul 2012

Facebook to open mobile engineering hub in London

London 'perfect fit' because of wealth of talent
25 Jul 2012

Google second quarter revenues increase 35 per cent

Growth up by a more modest 21 per cent, excluding Motorola acquisition
20 Jul 2012

Betaworks acquires ailing Digg for $500,000

Social aggregating site was worth a reported $200m in 2006
13 Jul 2012

Oracle buys social media platform company Involver

Social markup language developer sells out to software giant, increasing rivalry between Oracle and
11 Jul 2012

Yahoo and Facebook kiss and make up

Firms go from courtroom aggressors to advertising partners
09 Jul 2012

Telefonica signs mobile payment agreement with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and RIM

Direct-to-bill payments capability will be available to subscribers across Europe by the end of the year
06 Jul 2012

Analysis: the return of the browser wars

How important is a browser to the company that owns it?
21 Jun 2012

Amazon and Google seek control of .everything

19 Jun 2012

Facebook CTO departing to 'start a company' with Google engineer

Apps experience seems to tie together founders of new concern
18 Jun 2012

Facebook launches app store to rival Google and Apple

600 apps available at launch
08 Jun 2012

Oracle buys Collective Intellect to expand social CRM technology

Purchase pits Oracle head-to-head, once again, with Salesforce
06 Jun 2012

Google acquires Quickoffice and Meebo

Google must keep acquiring to avoid stagnation, says Ovum's Tony Cripps
06 Jun 2012