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Facebook share drop: more than meets the eye (updated)

Last-minute devaluation by Morgan Stanley pre-IPO proves mobile strategy flawed, as Computing explained last week
22 May 2012

Analysis: How will Facebook build a future in mobile?

The social network giant's IPO pitch is centred on mobile. But how will it create a business model in such a hostile environment?
18 May 2012

Opinion: Why Facebook is worth a dollar a year... and falling

Mark Zuckerberg introduces video chat from Skype at Facebook HQ
Stratospheric valuations aside, what is Facebook really worth? Computing Editor Chris Middleton explains why it has never been free to use
17 May 2012

Facebook advertising failing to click with users, according to new study

Click-through rate for advertising just 0.05 per cent, compared to 0.4 per cent for Google
16 May 2012

Expert casts doubt on value of Facebook shares

Facebook's float points to another dotcom bubble
04 May 2012

IP war: Facebook grabs Microsoft patents as profits slip

Deal buys Zuckerberg a bulk of the $1bn AOL portfolio Microsoft bought a fortnight ago. But away from the grandstanding, Facebook's Q1 profits have fallen
24 Apr 2012

‘Wearables’ will need backing from the ‘big five’ to go mainstream, claims Forrester

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook will take wearable computing from niche to mainstream
19 Apr 2012

Facebook's billion-dollar Instagram deal: evidence of an X-Factor investment culture (UPDATED)

Purchase of popular photo-sharing app values nimble startup as highly as 800 AOL patents
10 Apr 2012

Amazon-owned company to move into Tech City

Pushbutton TV will join East London's tech startups, but corporate behemoths may not be welcome in the area
07 Apr 2012

Facebook goes on patent shopping spree

IBM rights acquired to defend against pre-flotation legal action
26 Mar 2012

Opinion: Why social analytics is a must for business

Firms that do not glean insights from social media data will be overtaken by those that do
21 Mar 2012

Big-money technology IPOs will spark rash of patent battles, warn legal experts

Stock market floats are seen as ‘pressure point’ by patent holders
16 Mar 2012

Telefónica backs UK's tech start-ups with academy launch

Select UK projects to receive financing, expert advice and a workplace
08 Mar 2012

Software development becomes a social activity

Collaboration specialist applies real-time feeds to programming projects
24 Feb 2012

Stolen Facebook and Twitter log-ins on sale for $30 each

Cyber criminals also flogging log-ins for cPanel website administration
08 Feb 2012

Analysis: Is Facebook reaching the peak of its success?

Its IPO raises questions about whether it will thrive or falter
06 Feb 2012

Facebook set to float

The social networking site has filed for its initial public offering in the US
02 Feb 2012

Analysis: What challenges do online retailers face in 2012?

Some of the UK's biggest retailers have their say on the challenges that lie ahead
24 Jan 2012

Roll up for the Facebook hack-a-thon

10 Jan 2012

Government turns to social media to recruit spies

GCHQ offers code cracking challenge in an effort to find new talent
01 Dec 2011

Are friends electric?

04 Nov 2011

UK firm opens carbon neutral datacentre in Iceland

Verne Global's datacentre is situated between the two biggest financial centres in the world
10 Oct 2011

Son of Facebook

04 Oct 2011

Collaborative technology at A&N Media

Mark Laws, head of application support at A&N Media discusses the issues of supporting social media in the enterprise
15 Sep 2011