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Instagram to sell people's Christmas snaps under new privacy policy?

Facebook-owned image service to bring in new content policy on 16 January 2013
18 Dec 2012

MPs warn on 'chilling effect' of proposed anti-trolling law

Defamation Bill would curb online freedom says Joint Committee on Human Rights
12 Dec 2012

SaaS shares buoyant as consumer-focused firms founder

Screen full of share prices
Recent IPOs reveal a marked preference among investors for B2B software firms
06 Dec 2012

Privacy groups respond to Facebook's proposed policy changes

Instagram data sharing and reduced email restrictions questioned
27 Nov 2012

Facebook's new privacy policy to allow data sharing with Instagram

User data to be shared across Facebook's portfolio and affiliates in a move similar to Google's much-criticised policy
22 Nov 2012

Ailing AMD open to offers as chip maker calls in JP Morgan

Microsoft, Intel, Google, Samsung, Facebook and others named as potential buyers of AMD - or its patents
14 Nov 2012

Google: 'Government surveillance is on the rise'

But requests for data access in the UK fell slightly in the six months to July 2012
14 Nov 2012

H4cked Off: Buy Facebook, Dump Apple

Why Facebook will climb whilst Apple crumbles
05 Nov 2012

Strong Q3 for SAP while Facebook sees mobile revenue growth

Business software provider reports huge growth in cloud revenue while loss-making social media giant sees much-needed boost in mobile sales
24 Oct 2012

Joanna Shields quits as Facebook Euro chief to join London's Tech City

New TCIO executive begins in January 2013
22 Oct 2012

Apple starts work on Prineville datacentre

State-of-the-art facility to support growth of Apple's iCloud service - and is just over the road from Facebook's own facility
22 Oct 2012

Facebook puts old pics and vids into 'cold storage'

New facility intended to cut the cost of long-term storage of infrequently accessed data
18 Oct 2012

Analysis: takes a leaf out of Facebook

Will’s Facebook-inspired social vision win friends and influence people?
12 Oct 2012

Facebook pitches $20m 'Sponsored Stories' settlement agreement

Payout for 125 million affected users now included
09 Oct 2012

Zynga in danger of buying the farm(ville) with grim 2012 outlook

Online games firm worth a quarter of last December’s IPO value
05 Oct 2012

Facebook passes one billion users

Mark Zuckerberg 'committed to working to make Facebook better'
04 Oct 2012

Facebook introduces paid posts for ordinary users

Social network also accused of selling personal info to advertisers
04 Oct 2012

Oracle OpenWorld: How social drives business engagement

Digital word of mouth provides the most effective advertising, while London 2012 was 'the social event of all time'
02 Oct 2012

Facebook: Mobile is our 'Home Alone' moment

Facebook executive denies that the trend towards mobile computing will 'come into our nice house and trash it'
02 Oct 2012

Google buys facial recognition software maker Viewdle

$45m deal for Ukrainian software developer announced as Google shuts more services
02 Oct 2012

H4cked Off: The strange world of 'personal' Facebook adverts

Facebook's definition of 'targeted' advertising is well wide of the mark, says Danny Palmer
20 Sep 2012

Analysis: the IPO blues - and how to avoid them

Recession notwithstanding, it’s been a tough few months for many web-based service companies that have recently made public offerings on the stock exchange. So why is it often a case of ‘Oh no!’ after IPO?
17 Sep 2012

Facebook chief vows to fight back after "disappointing" share performance

Zuckerberg claims Wall Street misunderstands the firm's mobile prospects
12 Sep 2012

Special report: 2012 and the war for data

The past few months have seen worrying developments for those who value their privacy and expect personal data to be handled with a degree of circumspection. So is the fight for the right to be forgotten a lost cause?
05 Sep 2012