Latest Facebook articles

US retailer Target to lure customers with deals offered via Facebook

'I've just bought a spatula' - Retailer Target aims to lure Facebook users in-store with 'targeted' vouchers
08 May 2013

Facebook mobile advertising contributes to 38 per cent revenue boost

Overall revenue up 38 per cent compared with Q1 2012
02 May 2013

FBI lobbying US government for 'back doors' into Facebook, Google and Skype

US spooks call for easier wiretapping of social media – and heavy punishments for companies that don't comply
01 May 2013

Tech industry backs government fund for teacher ICT training

£2m fund set aside to provide 16,000 educators with skills required to teach programming
25 Apr 2013

White House demands changes to cybersecurity bill to strengthen privacy

CISPA currently grants immunity to corporations for potential data breaches
18 Apr 2013

Facebook could charge users £10 to contact celebrities

Is social networking giant planning to introduce charging for other features?
09 Apr 2013

Rumour: Google to acquire WhatsApp for $1bn

Could Google alter messaging company WhatsApp's stance on personal data usage?
08 Apr 2013

Britain clashes with EU over 'right to be forgotten' opt-out

UK government doesn't want to be part of legislation that would require web organisations to delete personal data on request
05 Apr 2013

Facebook Home app and tie-in HTC First phone announced

Facebook's app will take over many everyday aspects of Android UI
04 Apr 2013

Facebook phone to launch on Thursday

After 36 months of rumours, HTC-made Android-based phone to be unveiled on 4 April
03 Apr 2013

H4cked Off: Web giants can't be trusted to self-regulate

Appointment of Edith Ramirez as FTC chairman could end up being open season for the likes of Google and Facebook ignoring privacy concerns
02 Apr 2013

Social media use by SMEs to see significant growth by 2014

IDC suggests small businesses are increasingly adopting Facebook, Twitter and other social media
26 Feb 2013

Microsoft joins Apple and Facebook on cyber attack casualty list

Microsoft blog post reveals the firm was the victim of a hack, but no data compromised
25 Feb 2013

Facebook laptops compromised by malware

Zero-day Java exploit to blame for recent cyber security failing, says Facebook
18 Feb 2013

Defence contractor devises Facebook data mining and analysis tool

Raytheon claims the software can 'predict' people's behaviour by analysing Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Foursquare and LinkedIn
11 Feb 2013

US tech giants criticised for lobbying against EU data privacy laws

Coalition of US privacy bodies and EU representatives slam the likes of Google and Facebook
04 Feb 2013

Larry Page: Facebook is 'doing a bad job on its products'

Google's Page also takes a swipe at Apple
18 Jan 2013

Facebook adds free calls for US iPhone users

Feature may be rolled out in the UK and on Android
17 Jan 2013

Facebook search tool popular with analysts, but not with investors

Share prices of social firm fall as monetisation strategy is not mentioned
16 Jan 2013

Facebook, Google attack MEP report calling for tougher restrictions on use of personal data

Document urges EU to give its citizens much more control over how their data is exploited
09 Jan 2013

Analysis: Why Twitter may well be worthy of a £6.8bn IPO valuation

There's good reason to suppose it will avoid 'doing a Facebook' if it does float in 2014
08 Jan 2013

Instagram: 'We don't have right to sell people’s photos'

Co-founder tries to put angry users at ease
19 Dec 2012

Instagram to sell people's Christmas snaps under new privacy policy?

Facebook-owned image service to bring in new content policy on 16 January 2013
18 Dec 2012

MPs warn on 'chilling effect' of proposed anti-trolling law

Defamation Bill would curb online freedom says Joint Committee on Human Rights
12 Dec 2012