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Everything Everywhere to consider London flotation in the autumn

Everything Everywhere
Orange executive responsible for EE says an IPO will be considered 'when we return from vacation'
09 Jun 2014

Airwaves cleared for 4G as Vodafone, O2 and Three play catch-up with EE

Mobile spectrum antenna against sunset
Ofcom says airwave clearance will be completed today, enabling new 4G services to launch in the UK
31 Jul 2013

EE 'absolutely focused' on enterprise customers

EE store logo
'We are a significant player' says EE marketing boss
08 May 2013

H4cked Off: “Faster 4G for all!” says EE. “Fix my bloody text messaging first,” replies World

EE's 300Mbps 4G target is a land grab for tech obsessives at the cost of a functioning network
09 Apr 2013

EE to double 4G speeds in 10 UK cities by summer 2013

130Mbps rollout “setting a roadmap for 4G others cannot match” says CEO
09 Apr 2013

Three to offer LTE services at the same price as 3G

Three UK busts Everything Everywhere high-priced and limited LTE service
04 Feb 2013

Ofcom announces 4G bidders - BT included

Computing had revealed in July that BT could bid at auction
20 Dec 2012

Wi-Fi arrives at 20 more London Underground stations

Camden Town is now among 92 Wi-Fi enabled stations
11 Dec 2012

EE 3G network goes down just days after 4G launch

'We don’t know what the exact issue is,' admits Orange technical support
01 Nov 2012