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European Parliament votes in favour of breaking up Google

European Parliament
But landmark vote unlikely to make any impact
27 Nov 2014

EU network and information security directive should focus on critical infrastructure, argues software industry lobbying group

Photp of a broken euro coin
Business Software Alliance argues that security directive needs to overcome patchy security across the EU
12 Nov 2014

H4cked off: Neelie Kroes' €2.5bn for an EU big data push - Potemkin Village policy making

Burning money
European Commissioner Neelie Kroes wants to splash €2.5bn developing big data in Europe - in a scheme reminiscent of the old 'national champions' policies of the 1970s
17 Oct 2014

Neelie Kroes' €2.5bn EU big data push – but what will it really do?

Neelie Kroes, the EU's digital agenda commissioner, wants to splash €2.5bn on a scheme to develop big data in Europe
16 Oct 2014

Lenient EU Google antitrust decision 'fatally flawed'

Open letter to European Commission says there will be 'catastrophic consequences' for Google's smaller competitors if harsher penalties aren't applied
23 Jul 2014

European data roaming costs slashed by 50 per cent today

Costs for making and receiving calls also capped from today
01 Jul 2014

UPDATED: European Commission to investigate Apple's tax arrangements

Competition Commissioner Joaqin Almunia to announce probe into what US has previously called "the Holy Grail of tax avoidance"
11 Jun 2014

EU court backs right to demand "irrelevant" information be deleted in case against Google

EU court backs right to demand "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant" information be wiped from the web
13 May 2014

Should enterprises be forced to disclose data breaches?

Graeme Burton tackles the thorny issue of the need for corporations to admit their IT security breaches to the public
23 Apr 2014

GreenDataNet project aims to run urban data centres on 80 per cent renewable energy

Consortium looking to apply smart grid thinking to data centre design
14 Mar 2014

EU to review internet governance in bid to wrest control from US

European Commission seeking "multi-stakeholder" management of global internet
19 Feb 2014

European Commission divided over Google antitrust deal

One third of Commissioners question Joaquin Almunia's decision to come to an agreement following three-year investigation
14 Feb 2014

GCHQ and NSA spied on charities, allies, and an EU official

US and UK spy agencies worked together to monitor a list of surveillance targets in more than 60 countries
20 Dec 2013

MEPs vote in favour of strengthened data protection laws

More privacy, the "right to be forgotten", and bigger fines for internet companies that fail to comply
23 Oct 2013

Google EU antitrust case reaches 'key moment' says Commission

Search engine giant seems to be moving towards settlement agreement
01 Oct 2013

Kroes announces EU IT education proposals to boost youth job prospects

'We have the tools, we have the technology, we definitely have the talent,' says Digital Agenda Commissioner
23 Sep 2013

Three eliminates mobile roaming charges in seven countries

UK customers can use their minutes in Australia, Italy and Hong Kong for no extra fee
30 Aug 2013

EU demands more concessions from Google to settle anti-trust case

Competition Commissioner writes to Eric Schmidt demanding more concessions from Google
17 Jul 2013

European Commission demands answers on Prism

Vice-President Reding will raise the Prism issue with US Attorney General Eric Holder at the EU-US Ministerial meeting in Dublin on Friday
12 Jun 2013

Cisco goes to court to annul Microsoft’s Skype acquisition

Microsoft's $8.5bn acquisition of Skype has created an online communications monopoly, claims Cisco
30 May 2013

More Google concessions required before EU antitrust investigation ends

Joaquin Almunia tells firm it needs to improve its proposals
28 May 2013

Google-owned Motorola faces steep fine from EC for 'abusing dominant position'

Motorola attempted to enforce an injunction to stop Apple selling iPhones in Germany
08 May 2013

The internet ‘needs a delete button’, says Google CEO Schmidt

'Let me be very clear that Google is not tracking's not doing all these things,' says Schmidt
07 May 2013

Google offers concessions in attempt to end EU antitrust investigation

Move comes after Google accused of manipulating search results in its favour
12 Apr 2013