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British Waterways Scotland splashes out £2.3m to update its IT

Scottish government body awards three-year contract to Amor Group
03 Jan 2012

Security Roundup: The top stories of 2011

Data security
Hacktivists on the rampage, Sony and RSA on the back foot, and the UK cyber security strategy all over the place
27 Dec 2011

Disaster recovery must be board-approved, say experts

Life preserver floating on binary data
At a roundtable held by information infrastructure company EMC, industry experts agreed a disaster recovery strategy will fail without board backing
24 Nov 2011

RSA conference: Security giant reveals lessons learnt from data breach

Security firm uses its devastating security breach to positive effect
12 Oct 2011

Influence - Commuting or Computing?

When should businesses use technology to replace travel, and which option is most appropriate?
30 Sep 2011

Analysis: Capgemini supplements consultancy with more cloud services

Global IT services giant about to launch 'storage-as-a-service' offering
23 Sep 2011

Cloud helps Isle of Man cut costs and boost IT performance

CTO says move to hybrid cloud set to be complete by end of October
22 Sep 2011

Bank of England selects EMC for £1m storage area network

The network must be able to store up to 900TB of data
16 Sep 2011

Social engineering cracked RSA, research reveals

Email with Excel attachment shows human vulnerability
26 Aug 2011

Has RSA hack sown seeds of token resistance?

The recent high-profile cyber attack on the security specialist has raised questions about the effectiveness of two-factor authentication
23 Aug 2011

Tech Talk 40 - BT, Government IT and EMC

In this week's Tech Talk, we discuss BT being forced to block a pirate web site, the new parliamentary report criticising the government's IT spend, and the cost to EMC of cyber crime
29 Jul 2011

H4cked Off: How the hell did the RSA hack cost EMC £40m?

So what does £40m buy you these days exactly, besides reparations for a major security breach?
29 Jul 2011

EMC £40m out of pocket after cyber attack

Money was spent investigating the attack on its RSA Security division, and protecting systems against further hacks
28 Jul 2011

Leading vendors collaborate for records management scheme

Records management specification MoReq2010 adds momentum to interoperability of disparate records systems
14 Jul 2011

CSC launches BizCloud in the UK

Biz Cloud will lower barriers of entry into the cloud market and appeal to companies concerned about security
28 Jun 2011

Leading law firm outsources entire IT function

Olswang LLP hopes to reduce costs and increase efficiency
23 Jun 2011

Fashion retailer New Look uses cloud to improve brand awareness

Fashion retailer launches platform for customers to share user-generated content
17 Jun 2011

Apache Hadoop rides social media wave

The open source technology is helping enterprises to exploit the vast amounts of unstructured data generated by social networks
23 May 2011

EMC World 2011: EMC utilises Google Search Appliance in VNX storage system

Connector aims to increase productivity by ensuring up-to-date intranet search results
11 May 2011

EMC World 2011: EMC exec slams Dell's cloud strategy

EMC says it will not become a cloud service provider, but will partner with companies
11 May 2011

EMC World 2011: Security needs a new model for virtual world

EMC COO Pat Gelsinger says that security needs to move from physical to logical
11 May 2011

EMC World 2011: Greenplum BI appliance gets open source boost

It will release an enterprise-ready appliance based on Apache Hadoop technology
11 May 2011

Interview: KPMG CIO Bryan Clark

KPMG’s IT chief explains the roles the cloud and virtualisation are playing in the accounting giant’s IT strategy, and how he is assessing the potential of tablet devices
10 May 2011

EMC World 2011: Cloud is the most disruptive change sector has ever seen

President and CEO Joe Tucci believes IT professionals will be more valued as a result
10 May 2011