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Microsoft fights back against US warrant demanding overseas emails be handed over

TechEd 2014 Microsoft logo
Microsoft resists US search warrant demanding data held in data centre in Ireland
01 Sep 2014

Organisations will drop email for collaboration tools, says BG Group CIO

Angus McCallum predicts "transition away from email towards document links and Facebook-style methods of communicating in organisations"
13 Aug 2014

Blitzkrieg - changing tactics in the email security wars

Agari CEO Patrick Peterson explains how attackers go in under the radar
23 May 2014

Downtime for one hour can cost businesses $1m or more – report

All executive-level employees surveyed had experienced downtime and more than half said it happens at least once a month
30 Apr 2014

Red-faced Microsoft admits snooping on blogger's email

Microsoft looked at private emails to track down employee accused of leaking Windows 8 secrets
21 Mar 2014

Malware writers 'using marketing techniques' to evaluate their attacks, claims Proofpoint

Attackers using techniques adopted from top marketing companies to avoid anti-spam email security – and to entice people to click
07 Mar 2014

How cyber criminals beat email filters and web gateways

Mark Sparshott, executive director at Proofpoint, told delegates at Computing's IT Leaders' Forum event how cyber criminals use an understanding of psychology to defeat traditional security tools
06 Mar 2014

Google enables Gmail users to email their Google+ contacts

Move raises privacy concerns and may initially swamp users with unwanted emails from social media contacts
10 Jan 2014

Yahoo users' PCs infected by malware from ads

Security firm SurfRight estimates that 2.5 million PCs could have been affected
06 Jan 2014

The Economist selects Tempest Security Intelligence to help combat cyber attacks

Tempest Intelligence enables the publisher to save money and better thwart attacks, says head of infosecurity
29 Nov 2013

University College Dublin saves £204k a year by switching to Google Apps

UCD saves money it would have spent on servers, maintenance, power and personnel
24 Oct 2013

NSA harvests millions of personal email and IM contact lists

Average of 500,000 address books collected a day, according to latest Snowden revelations
15 Oct 2013

Patients could be able to Skype with their GP under new proposals

GP practices can apply to £50m Challenge Fund to set up a 'pioneering' programme
03 Oct 2013

Digitalbox returns to Experian QAS data management after 'bad move' away

CEO tells Computing why Digitalbox re-adopted Experian QAS after things went 'very, very wrong' with its replacement
13 Sep 2013

Silent Circle closes secure email service the day after Lavabit closure

Company claims that it cannot guarantee customer privacy and security due to authorities' web snooping
09 Aug 2013

Edward Snowden's secure email provider Lavabit forced to close by US security services

Lavabit forced to close by NSA – and owner Ladar Levison is legally barred from speaking out
08 Aug 2013

Spam rises, now counts for 70 per cent of emails

Kaspersky quarterly report suggests corporate emails are being increasingly targeted
07 Aug 2013

Data quality: banishing bouncing emails

Improving contact data quality can have far-reaching consequences for the whole business, but you need to know how to sell the benefits to the board, writes John Leonard
06 Aug 2013

BT dumps Yahoo after wave of account hijackings

Yahoo's biggest customer takes six million 'co-branded' email accounts off to Critical Path
03 Jun 2013

LivingSocial hacked – 50 million customers' data compromised

Customers' personal data gathered but credit card data hasn't been accessed
29 Apr 2013

Microsoft accuses Google of ‘invasion of privacy’ with ‘Scroogled!’ campaign

Attacks Gmail in no uncertain terms
08 Feb 2013

Secure communication, Camden-style

Peter Gothard reports on how a London borough’s attempt to build a secure email network snowballed into an initiative that might one day connect every council in the country
10 Jan 2013

Twitter apologises for password resets after security breach

Large numbers of social media users forced to change passwords for no good reason
09 Nov 2012

Case study: Grass Roots replaces Exchange 2003 with Google Apps for Business

Grass Roots migrated 1,500 users from a fragmented Microsoft Exchange environment to Google Apps for Business in just six weeks, with a four-person project team
29 Oct 2012