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BETT 2015: How is the IT industry reacting to the demands of a new curriculum?

Education secretary has eye on IT not just as a skill, but as a way to revolutionise teaching through big data and IoT
23 Jan 2015

Not one government department can say all of its staff have basic digital skills

House of Parliament at night on River Thames
In annual reports, each government department says it is still attempting to get all of its staff to level 7 on the digital inclusion scale
21 Jan 2015

'There's perfectly good stuff going on, but it's not joined up' says chair of Lords Digital Skills Committee after Vaizey grilling

Morgan finds Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy's evidence on ICT, competitiveness and skills in the UK 'constructive, but predictable'
20 Nov 2014

Year of Code is a 'vapid PR exercise with no thought whatsoever', says resigned board member Mulqueeny

Organisers 'sidelined everyone' and 'borrowed brand kudos' while leaving experts out of the light, says Young Rewired State founder
12 Feb 2014

H4cked Off: Has Michael Gove learned his lesson?

The education secretary's not everybody's favourite, but he's starting to make the right noises in IT at least
10 Feb 2014

Gove and Osborne launch £500k “Year of Code” campaign to raise programming awareness

“Get coding this year – it’s easier than you think” says government initiative
04 Feb 2014

Government education measures “still too predicated on volunteerism” says SET's Bob Harrison

CAS, Master Teachers and Barefoot Computing Initiative would benefit from greater spend, says Harrison
24 Jan 2014

Recent UK ICT education like “teaching children to send a telex or travel in zeppelin” says Gove

Previous ICT resources were “creaking into obsolescence” for years, says Education Minister
23 Jan 2014

Plugging the IT Skills Gap Part Three: Visa Europe

Visa Europe builds its IT talent from the ground up, with in-house degree-level training
17 Jan 2014

Plugging the IT Skills Gap Part Two: Microsoft's Apprentice

In Part Two of a three-part series we meet a college leaver turned Microsoft-trained IT project manager
06 Jan 2014

Top 10 IT skills stories of 2013

Computing has a look at the hardest hitting IT skills stories of the year
09 Dec 2013

BCS given £1.1m to help teachers prepare for new computing curriculum

Funding is specifically for primary school teachers who have no experience of computer science
05 Dec 2013

How can you attract talent to the cyber security profession?

In part two of Computing's interview with Labour MP Chi Onwurah, she explains how talent can be attracted into the security profession
09 Sep 2013

How the government intends to close the cyber security skills gap

Sooraj Shah asks universities and science minister David Willetts and education secretary Michael Gove about the government’s plans to bolster the nation’s security skills
04 Sep 2013

3D printing for the masses: desktop 3D printer goes on sale for £900

'Early adopter' Makerbot Digitizer is first glimpse of an interesting future - perhaps
23 Aug 2013

Are you smarter than a 16 year old? The new Computer Science GCSE put to the test

EdExcel sample questions show a range of skills will be put to the test
23 Aug 2013

Are you smarter than a 16 year old: test answers

How did you do in Computing's mock GCSE?
23 Aug 2013

A-Level results show IT school study uptake still “disappointing”, says Oracle

However economics, maths and chemistry study are up as STEM popularity rises
15 Aug 2013

Gove’s 'magnificent' superhead suspended after IT contract went to his partner’s services company

Special adviser to the education minister also suspended
29 Jul 2013

Gove promises 'more rigorous and interesting' ICT curriculum that 'captures the imagination of girls'

'I fully recognise that too few girls study ICT or computing' says education minister
25 Jul 2013

DfE will not 'dictate' specifics on e-learning ICT resources, says Gove

Education minister will not 'wade in' over resources or teaching methods to assist teachers’ transition to new curriculum
25 Jul 2013

'No one knows precisely what skills children will need in the future,' says Michael Gove

After new curriculum guidelines, is education secretary still hedging his bets?
24 Jul 2013

Government puts in place £500m framework for educational ICT infrastructure services

£500m agreement will replace the Becta ICT services framework
22 Jul 2013

Valve launches skills website for teen coders

Games company follows Microsoft and Google into the education sector
15 Jul 2013