Latest Dell articles

Is modular computing the new mainframe?

22 Aug 2011

Dell offers access to software shopping portal

A shopping trolley sign
PC manufacturer invests in Shopping from 1E to help users cut their IT helpdesk costs
14 Aug 2011

Review: Dell OptiPlex 790 desktop

Dell Optiplex 790 mini-tower
Dell’s OptiPlex 790 is a good business system offering easy management
28 Jul 2011

Schools get high-tech with Dell

Three Derbyshire schools embark on managed service contracts to bring cutting-edge technologies to pupils
08 Jul 2011

Cloud World Forum: Dell outlines its controversial cloud strategy

No legacy and lots of cash will help the company compete
23 Jun 2011

Leading law firm outsources entire IT function

Olswang LLP hopes to reduce costs and increase efficiency
23 Jun 2011

Dell ties up RNA Networks acquisition

Vendor remains tight-lipped on deal with memory virtualisation software vendor
20 Jun 2011

Interview: Stephen Murdoch, European head of Dell's large enterprise and public sector business

The company promises to recruit heavily and take on more skilled staff in the UK to handle corporate interest in high-end products and services
26 May 2011

Dell adds thin clients to OptiPlex portfolio

The FX130 and FX170 target data entry and knowledge workers
25 May 2011

EMC World 2011: EMC exec slams Dell's cloud strategy

EMC says it will not become a cloud service provider, but will partner with companies
11 May 2011

What planet are Unite and Dell living on?

10 May 2011

Spring 2011 IT Trends - Computing's View

The Computing editorial team discuss the top stories and trends affecting the UK IT industry
06 May 2011

Tech Talk news 27: IT News

Join Tech Talk for a rundown of the week's top news stories affecting the UK IT industry
27 Apr 2011

Dell desperate to lose 'consumer' tag

Michael Dell talks up his firm's enterprise credentials and expects Android tablet-fuelled sales boost
26 Apr 2011

Technology giants cross swords in the cloud

Moves by IBM, Dell and HP mark a major milestone on the road to mainstream enterprise acceptance of cloud computing. But which has the most convincing offering?
20 Apr 2011

IT chiefs to be spoilt for tablet choice

New tablet devices from RIM, HTC and Dell are about to hit the market
15 Apr 2011

IBM unveils new cloud strategy and services

Big Blue aims to help enterprises move from experimentation and assessment to full-scale deployment
08 Apr 2011

Dell set to invest up to $1bn in datacentres and cloud offerings

Gartner suggests this points to a strategic move away from its usual product offerings
07 Apr 2011

Cebit 2011: Six printer makers join cloud printing gang

Mobile workers can print to any Wi-Fi connected machine
02 Mar 2011

Dell completes Compellent purchase

Virtualised storage firm adds beef to enterprise systems
23 Feb 2011

Dell may hit acquisition trail as profits soar

Dell sees profit nearly triple in strong fourth quarter
16 Feb 2011

Dell unveils new hardware based on latest Intel Core processors

Company has announced new desktops, laptops and tablets
08 Feb 2011

The best of BETT 2011

As the world's leading education technology event draws to a close, Computing picks the show's best announcements
14 Jan 2011

Dell acquires SecureWorks

Vendor buys security firm to beef up its IT-as-a-service business
05 Jan 2011