Latest Dell articles

VMware buys desktop-as-a-service provider Desktone

Multi-tenant cloud platform is used by Cisco, Netapp, Dell and Time Warner
15 Oct 2013

Dell targets enterprise users with new laptops, tablets and hybrids

We take the firm's new XPS laptops and Venue tablets for a spin
02 Oct 2013

Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Dell and Oracle to 'deepen relationship', announces Michael Dell

Software and hardware collaborations come in three new reveals
25 Sep 2013

Dell to buy Dell after Dell shareholders' vote

Michael Dell secures vote in favour of $24bn deal to take company he founded in 1984 private
12 Sep 2013

Michael Dell and Silver Lake get approval for $24.9bn buyout

Icahn bows out with 'dictatorship' jibe as two-thirds of shareholders accept Michael Dell's offer
11 Sep 2013

Microsoft 'has shot itself in the foot' with Nokia acquisition, says Linux International director

Jon 'Maddog' Hall claims acquisition is like Microsoft buying Dell 30 years ago
06 Sep 2013

Icahn refused fast-track lawsuit against Dell board as Michael Dell $25bn bid stands

Shareholder vote and annual meeting will go ahead on original dates
19 Aug 2013

PC sales fall by one-fifth in Western Europe, claims Gartner

UK desktop and laptop sales down by one-quarter since 2010 - independent vendors hardest hit
07 Aug 2013

Icahn sues Dell and board as buyout race heats up

Lawsuit seeks block on Michael Dell's proposed rule changes for shareholder voting
02 Aug 2013

Michael Dell's bid for Dell on the brink of collapse after company rejects voting change

Special committee rejects Michael Dell's call to change voting rules; privatisation of Dell likely to be rejected
01 Aug 2013

Michael Dell: Taking Dell private is 'the right thing to do'

Michael Dell accuses activist shareholder Carl Icahn of 'opportunism'
30 Jul 2013

Michael Dell raises bid for Dell – by ten cents – then postpones vote to decide company's future

Ten cent 'bonus' only stands if non-voting shares are removed from the equation
25 Jul 2013

World gripped by security skills crisis in face of cyber crime epidemic, says Dell SecureWorks CTO

Jon Ramsey, CTO of Dell SecureWorks, tells Computing more skilled professionals are needed to fight epidemic of cyber crime
16 Jul 2013

Dell or Icahn: Which of Dell’s buyout offers makes the most sense for shareholders?

The sooner the uncertainty over the firm's future direction is over, the better
12 Jul 2013

Dell special committee urges Michael Dell to raise $24.4bn buyout offer after Icahn bid turns heads

$3bn Icahn proposal amounts to 66 per cent of debt financing
04 Jul 2013

Icahn secures $5.2bn funding, seeks Dell meeting

Pledge should 'put an end to unwarranted speculation' about lack of funding, says Icahn
02 Jul 2013

Icahn looking for $5.2bn in loans for Dell buyout bid

Billionaire's plan 'unrealistic' because of a $2.9bn shortfall, says Dell
25 Jun 2013

Icahn letter to Dell: buy back stock at $14 a share

Billionaire buys Southeastern stock and makes third proposal, but Dell committee says it is not actionable
19 Jun 2013

Dell's board recommends Dell's bid for Dell

Dell's board recommends bid from Michael Dell and Silver Lake ahead of rival offer
05 Jun 2013

Fujitsu, HP, IBM and Oracle hit as server sales slip – Gartner

Oracle sees sales drop by more than one-quarter as IBM, HP and Fujitsu also register sharp sales falls
28 May 2013

Icahn and Southeastern return with another Dell counter-offer

Investor duo suggests current owners keep equity position
10 May 2013

Dell buys cloud management software maker Enstratius

Company counts Amazon, VMware and Rackspace among its customers
07 May 2013

Blackstone Group pulls out of race to buy Dell

Investment group withdraws after poor PC shipment figures and due diligence discussions
19 Apr 2013

Dell SEC filing reveals commercial pressures behind move to go private

Michael Dell could back rival bid if he can remain as CEO
02 Apr 2013