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Ofcom aims to regulate Internet of Things in the UK

Ofcom will work with ICO and government on areas such as data privacy, spectrum availability and security of networks to ensure UK can handle rise of IoT
29 Jan 2015

Opposition grows to 'snoopers' charter' introduced by the back door

House of Lords vote on terrorism bill today could see twice-rejected Data Communications Bill become law
26 Jan 2015

EU swings behind David Cameron's encryption plan – as party grassroots voice opposition

Leaked EU document calls for government encryption controls, as demanded by Prime Minister David Cameron
23 Jan 2015

'Snoopers' charter' sneaked into counter-terrorism bill

Provisions of twice-rejected Communications Data Bill added to Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill
22 Jan 2015

Cameron and Obama reveal plans for UK and US to stage 'cyber war games' to boost cyber defences

Simulated attacks will see Wall Street and City of London attacked in effort to bolster cyber defences
16 Jan 2015

Mass electronic surveillance doesn't work, warns Open University security lecturer

David Cameron's plan to make all internet communications readable slammed by IT security specialist
16 Jan 2015

Cameron calls for more government internet surveillance powers following Charlie Hebdo attack

Prime Minister will revive controversial Snoopers' Charter, should the Conservatives win the general election
12 Jan 2015

GCHQ to get more power to tackle online child abuse images

Prime Minister unveils new initiative between National Crime Agency and GCHQ to tackle online child abuse
11 Dec 2014

MoJ employees go on strike over sensitive data sell-off as job losses loom

PCS union claims that IT services firm Steria is being 'rewarded for failure'
24 Jul 2014

Samsung, Intel, Dell and others to establish Internet of Things standards

Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) wants IoT devices to connect and communicate seamlessly with each other
08 Jul 2014

Cameron pledges £45m to develop internet of things

Prime Minister tells CeBIT trade show that UK and Germany could drive a new industrial revolution
10 Mar 2014

Obama to stop NSA from storing telephone data in bulk – but it will still be stored

Phone data will instead be stored by a third party
17 Jan 2014

GCHQ and NSA spied on charities, allies, and an EU official

US and UK spy agencies worked together to monitor a list of surveillance targets in more than 60 countries
20 Dec 2013

Top 10 IT skills stories of 2013

Computing has a look at the hardest hitting IT skills stories of the year
09 Dec 2013

Tech City gets visa and 300Mbps 4G boosts

Prime minister David Cameron unveils new visa to enable tech experts to work in the UK and £15.5m in funding
06 Dec 2013

Google devises system to rid its service of child abuse pages

Google to clean up results for more than 100,000 search queries and warn users of more than 13,000 queries
18 Nov 2013

ISC to review whether privacy legislation is 'fit for purpose'

Intelligence and Security Committee has called on public to provide evidence after PRISM and Tempora revelations
17 Oct 2013

Patients could be able to Skype with their GP under new proposals

GP practices can apply to £50m Challenge Fund to set up a 'pioneering' programme
03 Oct 2013

GPs must inform patients that their health records could be sold – or risk action by the ICO

Electronic patient records will be passed on to other parts of the NHS and sold to private companies from this autumn – in anonymised form – but some patients could still be identifiable
05 Aug 2013

Microsoft's Bing the first search engine to comply with government demand for 'search term warning'

Bing box will warn users that the content they are searching for is illegal and tell them to seek counselling
29 Jul 2013

Cameron's recommended porn filter operated by Huawei

Prime Minister praised web filter, which turns out to be operated by controversial Chinese firm
26 Jul 2013

Backbytes: Cameron, #PornoPerry and a potentially libellous remark - UPDATED

Claire Perry, the MP behind David Cameron's 'porn filtering policy', has claimed that a well-known blogger was behind an attack on her website
24 Jul 2013

David Cameron to introduce default pornography blocking for UK ISPs

Users required to opt-in to view censored pornographic content
22 Jul 2013

Lack of data analysis skills a problem for hospitals, Keogh report finds

Trusts were using data to reassure themselves they were doing a good job, review finds
18 Jul 2013