Latest Databases articles

What's on the Tory horizon for IT?

The Conservatives announced a number of initiatives at their conference last week that would have a significant impact on the UK’s technology sector
15 Oct 2009

Ellison – "Sun losing $100m a month"

Oracle boss tells EU to hurry as Sun losses mount
22 Sep 2009

Government property tax agency fails IT security checks

Valuation Office Agency, which runs a database holding details of 800,000 homes, has not met "minimum standards" for security
21 Sep 2009

Lib Dems applaud scrapping ID cards

Vince Cable is the latest politician to promise to end controversial ID cards and NHS schemes
21 Sep 2009

Civil servant jailed for accessing DWP systems for fraud

Government records were used to facilitate tax credit fraud
21 Sep 2009

Oracle sales fall five per cent

But rivals doing worse, insists software giant
17 Sep 2009

Tories unveil plans to end the "surveillance state"

Proposals include slashing government database projects
17 Sep 2009

Cut IT projects to reduce public spending, says Institute of Directors

ContactPoint, the NHS National Programme for IT, and identity cards should be axed
11 Sep 2009

Bupa migrates data to new system

Private healthcare patients now have single record for each customer
27 Aug 2009

More controversy over DNA database as MP's details removed

Tory Damian Green has his record deleted - and wants samples of other innocents removed as well
20 Aug 2009

Equality watchdog slams DNA database proposals

New limit of 12 years for those innocent of crimes is still too high, according to Equality and Human Rights Commission
12 Aug 2009

MPs warn over testing risks for student immigration system

UK Border Agency has slowed introduction but checks must still be performed, says Home Affairs Committee
01 Aug 2009

Nato boosts online data analytics

The security institution is using new software to index information and identify patterns
21 Jul 2009

Data watchdog to move on construction firms as illegal database owner is fined

Man received almost £500,000 for details on construction workers
20 Jul 2009

Home Office opens up crime information

Datasets made available online as part of drive to provide public data on the internet
17 Jul 2009

IBM brings in partners for ID card biometric database

Atos Origin and Sagem Securitie to provide services as part of £265m deal
10 Jul 2009

Open source bites back

Recession-hit companies are tired of vendors holding a gun to their heads over software licensing, says CEO of Ingres
09 Jul 2009

MPs to debate ID cards tonight

Tory motion brings controversial scheme back to House of Commons - although proposal to cancel stands little chance of success
06 Jul 2009

Tories look to web-based health records

Tory sources reaffirm David Cameron's enthusiasm for records held on Google and Microsoft services
06 Jul 2009

Tim Berners-Lee gives first insight into government data plan

Semantic Web tools likely to play a key role in helping prime minister's plan to make information more accessible on the internet
24 Jun 2009

Home Office denies ID cards review could lead to cancellation

New home secretary Alan Johnson wants to examine all major policy decisions
15 Jun 2009

Government explains Berners-Lee role

Godfather of the web will help create a single online point of access for all public datasets
11 Jun 2009

The frustrations of e-discovery

E-discovery can reduce firms’ exposure to legal risks, but implementing it remains a challenge
11 Jun 2009

Insider snooping on the rise

More than a third of IT staff admit to breaching corporate security and accessing critical data, says research
10 Jun 2009