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Interview: chief technology officer Martin Davies

Gambling web site relies on cutting-edge technology and inhouse development nous to keep millions of punters happy
10 Feb 2011

Barclays banks on master data management

Head of data quality and profiling Saul Judah explains how the bank went about implementing MDM
07 Feb 2011

Barclays cuts costs through improved data management

barclays bank
Master data management project has also led to fewer customer complaints and increased staff productivity
03 Feb 2011

The intelligent management of computing workloads

01 Feb 2011

Gartner says getting to grips with master data won’t be easy

Deep knowledge of business processes required
24 Jan 2011

Efficiency is the key to cloud

30 Nov 2010

NHS Networks extends information sharing

An online portal called the Commissioning Zone is designed to promote sharing of intelligence and resources
25 Nov 2010

Linked Open Data cloud takes shape

New project sees easier use of the cloud for web developers and government agencies
25 Nov 2010

JC Decaux chooses open source BI system over Oracle's

UK-wide rollout to take place over three years
23 Jul 2010

Oracle 2010 revenue surges 15 per cent

First figures released after EU ratification of Oracle's acquisition of Sun also show profits for financial year 2010 up 23 per cent
25 Jun 2010

Open data initiative gathers momentum

The government’s long-touted scheme to improve public services by opening up state data is finally yielding tangible results
12 Nov 2009

Government to proceed with internet snooping plan

Suppliers will be forced to retain details of all electronic communications for use by law enforcement and security services
09 Nov 2009

The sun has not yet set on this debate

It is clear why Oracle is keen to retain MySQL ­- and why the EU seems just as keen on quashing the deal for the sake of competitiveness
05 Nov 2009

Government admits farmers' data went missing

Loss at under-fire Rural Payments Agency was not a cover up, say officials
30 Oct 2009

Give back the power to protect

Emerging technologies must put control of our electronic identity back into the hands of individuals
29 Oct 2009

One in 10 Britons on police DNA database

More than 5.5 million records held on controversial system
28 Oct 2009

What's on the Tory horizon for IT?

The Conservatives announced a number of initiatives at their conference last week that would have a significant impact on the UK’s technology sector
15 Oct 2009

Ellison – "Sun losing $100m a month"

Oracle boss tells EU to hurry as Sun losses mount
22 Sep 2009

Government property tax agency fails IT security checks

Valuation Office Agency, which runs a database holding details of 800,000 homes, has not met "minimum standards" for security
21 Sep 2009

Lib Dems applaud scrapping ID cards

Vince Cable is the latest politician to promise to end controversial ID cards and NHS schemes
21 Sep 2009

Civil servant jailed for accessing DWP systems for fraud

Government records were used to facilitate tax credit fraud
21 Sep 2009

Oracle sales fall five per cent

But rivals doing worse, insists software giant
17 Sep 2009

Tories unveil plans to end the "surveillance state"

Proposals include slashing government database projects
17 Sep 2009

Cut IT projects to reduce public spending, says Institute of Directors

ContactPoint, the NHS National Programme for IT, and identity cards should be axed
11 Sep 2009