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Case studies needed to overcome cloud concerns

Cisco CTO believes businesses need more positive use-case examples
07 Sep 2012

Jimmy Wales and Sir Tim-Berners Lee slam Data Communications Bill

The Wikipedia blackout page
Wikipedia founder calls controversial Bill a 'snooper's charter', while Berners-Lee labels it 'draconian'
06 Sep 2012

The cloud – business continuity at affordable pricing?

05 Sep 2012

Wikileaks supporter hacks police website, publishes data

Login details of Hertfordshire Police officers published online
31 Aug 2012

UK data breaches up by 1,000 per cent in five years

'Startling' figures from Imation Corp reveal massive security breaches across all sectors
30 Aug 2012

Why some firms aren’t taxed by data rules

16 Aug 2012

SAP and Oracle 'shrink-wrapped solutions no substitute for deep big data analysis, says Centiq

Off-the-shelf analysis solutions will 'stimulate imaginations' in preparation for better third-party options, says cloud infrastructure firm
13 Aug 2012

Wozniak: Cloud is going to be ‘horrendous’

Apple co-founder says loss of control will cause 'horrible problems'
06 Aug 2012

Cloud providers show 'little thought' for security says forensic expert

Onus for improvement on customers, not providers, he adds
02 Aug 2012

How Tesco and co are testing the limits of customer data exploitation

If a consumer agrees to share information with retailers, can they complain when data about their shopping habits and lifestyle choices are used to milk them for more money?
04 Jul 2012

Cisco 'didn’t demonstrate value for money' says UK dairy firm switching to Avaya

Dairy Crest drops Cisco and Nortel and goes for the udder guys in new deal
29 Jun 2012

Easyjet and Virgin Atlantic IT chiefs urge airlines to collaborate

Airlines and airports should work together to create 'rich app'
25 Jun 2012

NPIA hails success of national police database

National Policing Improvement Agency says data sharing has led to speedier arrests
22 Jun 2012

Direction of travel: an interview with TfL CIO Steve Townsend

TfL CIO Steve Townsend is bringing actionable information closer to the business side of the organisation and directly into the hands of the travelling public
20 Jun 2012

Consolidating critical data: Derbyshire County Council streamlines its children and families databases

Tight security but ease of access between departments is twin focus of data overhaul
18 Jun 2012

Sheffield park rangers must down trowels and take ICT security exams

Council IT chief introduces compulsory information security tests for all staff
01 Jun 2012

Data sharing will benefit patients

31 May 2012

We’re not perfect – and we’re sorry, says Google’s Schmidt

Executive chairman Eric Schmidt apologises for Google’s mistakes but says that the company’s still not evil
30 May 2012

Storage capacity slowdown can be buffered by virtualisation, says HDS’ Yoshida

Thai floods and tech ceiling can be countered by intelligent use of existing resources, says HDS CTO
28 May 2012

Customers expect us to use their data to target them, says Boots

Retailer has adapted to customers’ higher expectations
23 May 2012

Sitting targets for death

22 May 2012

A report from the IT Security Analyst and CISO forum 2012

22 May 2012

Essential guide to security: Rethinking your defence

High-profile hacktivist attacks and data breaches may grab the headlines, but IT leaders should concentrate on rethinking their cybersecurity
21 May 2012

Opinion: Information is the lifeblood of healthcare

The efficient circulation of medical data is the key to better healthcare
09 May 2012