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Houses of Parliament could move to Microsoft Office 365 despite data risk

The Houses of Parliament
Houses will mitigate risk of US Patriot Act by making contractual agreements to enable data to sit in EU
27 Jun 2013

IT departments failing to protect sensitive data on mobile devices

Report by Ponemon Institute suggests more needs to be done to comply with privacy and data protection legislation
25 Jun 2013

Half of businesses will not deal with companies who have suffered data breaches

Report suggests businesses wary of those who have lost information, despite their own patchy protection policies
21 Jun 2013

SITA 2013: Customer data use needs to be 'customised, but not creepy'

SITA panel suggests airlines need to be wary of 'creeping out' customers by showing they know too much about them
19 Jun 2013

50 per cent of UK firms using outdated BI practices, says HDS

Most companies still dealing with 'lots of bits of little data' says HDS's Abdessamad
14 Jun 2013

Top 10 telecommunications stories of 2013 so far

4G, mobile, broadband and the handling of data all feature in a busy first six months in the telecoms industry
14 Jun 2013

'Unknown unknowns' are the future of data science

Dunnhumby head of data science tells Computing that gaining value from the unknown is the next stage for big data
12 Jun 2013

Enterpise Mobility Summit 2013: Mobile data optimisation is key to avoiding roaming data shocks, says Wandera

£81k India roaming charge and other 'bill shocks' are warning to all, says Tuvey
11 Jun 2013

Real-time big data analytics is the next big thing, says Walmart security director

Retailers could boost sales, be cost effective and discover banking errors - all with existing data
10 Jun 2013

McLaren and IO partner to develop greener data centres

Data centre provider to draw on F1 experience to make systems more energy efficient
07 Jun 2013

Average cost of a data breach for UK organisations rises to over £2m

Report by Symantec and Ponemon also suggests malicious attacks increasing as a cause of data breaches
05 Jun 2013

Wearable technology 'will be powerful for big data analytics' says Rackspace

Technology will allow firms like Nike to mine a rich new seam of consumer data
04 Jun 2013

Three UK 3G services back up in London, still down elsewhere

A Three UK spokesperson declines to comment on cause of outage
04 Jun 2013

Lotus targets F1 World Championship with EMC deal

IT solutions provider to aid team ahead of 2014 regulation changes
29 May 2013

Data centres: How to manage your storage in a fast-moving tech landscape

Industry experts offer advice on keeping ahead of the data pack
24 May 2013

HMRC analyses data to catch offshore tax evaders

US and Australian tax administrations working with HMRC to fight tax evasion
14 May 2013

Marketing hype risks creating big data cynicism, says McLaren CIO

Buzzword could hide true potential of big data, but bringing it to the attention of board level is positive, Stuart Birrell tells Computing
10 May 2013

Obama signs executive order promoting use of open data

Policy designed to foster innovation, especially among start-ups
10 May 2013

LivingSocial hacked – 50 million customers' data compromised

Customers' personal data gathered but credit card data hasn't been accessed
29 Apr 2013

Caldicott review: Breaking down the barriers to information sharing in the NHS

Sooraj Shah investigates the difficulties that the NHS faces with the law, technology and people in enabling data-sharing between its departments
26 Apr 2013

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Francis Maude welcome new OGP members

Eight new countries join scheme designed to promote transparency in government data
25 Apr 2013

UPDATED: EE: one per cent of overall customer base on 4G is 'good progress'

Biggest UK mobile operator says 318,000 4G customers shows a 'strong 4G take-up'
23 Apr 2013

Big data used to alter video game difficulty

Georgia Tech develops big data algorithm to tailor difficulty to skill
22 Apr 2013

White House demands changes to cybersecurity bill to strengthen privacy

CISPA currently grants immunity to corporations for potential data breaches
18 Apr 2013