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NHS IT is on the right track, but familiar issues still remain

Department of Health
Department of Health's 'bottom up' approach is working, but to make real progress, old issues need to be ironed out
04 Sep 2013

Not enough data scientists, MIT expert tells Computing

One of the world's top data scientists, Alex 'Sandy' Pentland, tells Computing we're 'not even close' to the number of data scientists needed
04 Sep 2013

Data revolution will dwarf internet revolution and change society - MIT

Alex 'Sandy' Pentland, one of the world's leading data scientists, tells Campus Party Europe that the data revolution will dwarf the internet revolution
03 Sep 2013

CIO Interview: Adrian Collinson, Force India Formula One team

Force India CIO Adrian Collinson explains to Computing how the Formula 1 team gets the most bang for its IT buck, both at the circuit and back at the factory
29 Aug 2013

Governments seek data on 38,000 Facebook users in six months

US authorities made over half of requests for user information in first six months of 2013
28 Aug 2013

Self-powered computer chip that 'forms a network out of thin air' revealed at University of Washington

Chip draws energy from Wi-Fi and TV signals in the air around it
19 Aug 2013

Smart meter roll-out vendors selected in contracts totalling £2.38bn

Telefonica, Arqiva, CGI and Capita all selected for UK mass roll-out
14 Aug 2013

Two thirds of consumers don't fully understand how businesses collect and use their data

Deloitte report suggests awareness of how information is used is declining as use of technology increases
13 Aug 2013

BT Sport chooses Aspera for high-speed file transfer at new Stratford production hub

Transfer and automation platform to handle live sport workflow between BT Tower and new studio
08 Aug 2013

Data quality: banishing bouncing emails

Improving contact data quality can have far-reaching consequences for the whole business, but you need to know how to sell the benefits to the board, writes John Leonard
06 Aug 2013

Met Office mines big data to predict solar storms

The Met Office is crunching data to predict the risks astronomical weather poses to the UK. Portfolio Technical Lead James Tomkins tells Danny Palmer how MongoDB is key to forecasting
06 Aug 2013

Sharp rise in government requests for Twitter user data

Twitter's transparency report shows 40 per cent jump in requests by the authorities for private information, including IP addresses and email contacts
01 Aug 2013

Dating websites 'potentially in breach of data protection act', warns ICO

ICO writes to four of the UK's biggest 'introduction agencies' after damning BBC Panorama exposé.
30 Jul 2013

PRISM and beyond: Is the government’s capture of public data spiralling out of control?

Sooraj Shah looks at the potential pitfalls of the government’s all-out assault on citizens’ data
29 Jul 2013

ICO takes enforcement action against Chief Constables after personal data breach

Collaborative police units urged to get data protection training
26 Jul 2013

ICO warns Hertfordshire Police over 'disproportionate' use of camera tracking

Enforcement notice comes after investigation into Royston's number plate recognition cameras
26 Jul 2013

'Execs don't understand how to fix cyber security problem'

While 'maniacs run around' with mobile devices, executives are aware of a security problem, but don't understand how to address it
25 Jul 2013

Lack of data analysis skills a problem for hospitals, Keogh report finds

Trusts were using data to reassure themselves they were doing a good job, review finds
18 Jul 2013

Everyone is responsible for data quality, says expert panel

Computing web seminar panelists argue that data management is no longer just the domain of IT, while PDSA reveals how it's helping vets
18 Jul 2013

One billion new phone numbers for machine-to-machine communications released by Irish regulator

New numbers intended to ease pressure as connected devices become increasingly common in the home
17 Jul 2013

Employees are the biggest threat to cyber security, says report

Research by IT Governance suggests over half of IT execs believe human error by staff is the biggest cause of data breaches
15 Jul 2013

NSA-Verizon scandal could have a 'huge impact on customers’ openness to share', says Telefonica Group CIO

O2 will have to tread carefully with its use of customer data, says Phil Jordan
12 Jul 2013

South Lanarkshire Council looking for IT security provider in £1m tender

Scottish council wants 24/7 threat detection as part of software and services package
09 Jul 2013

HP would put up a fight against US Patriot Act

Customers have to specify if they want their data kept on EU soil
04 Jul 2013