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MEPs vote in favour of strengthened data protection laws

Data protection artwork
More privacy, the "right to be forgotten", and bigger fines for internet companies that fail to comply
23 Oct 2013

Manchester Airports Group opts for Esri GIS to manage 25-year growth plan

System will allow each airport to map and record asset information in one central database and share it between any department
14 Oct 2013

How CCP manages hundreds of gigabytes of data created by 500,000 Eve Online players everyday

CCP Games IT director Jón Ingi Thorvaldsson explains how the Icelandic developer manages data generated by 500,000 players in Eve Online with the help of Internap
11 Oct 2013

GCHQ leaks 'hand the advantage to terrorists' says MI5 chief

Andrew Parker believes that GCHQ's techniques are necessary for counter-terrorism - and should be kept secret
09 Oct 2013

Splunk 2013: Splunk data analysis is top banana for SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey engineering manager says without Splunk, the online survey provider would be flying blind
04 Oct 2013

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde nearing fix for 'major' IT system problem

Major IT problem affected 709 patients
03 Oct 2013

US government: 'Tech firms should not be allowed to publish data requests'

Claims that 'adversaries' would be able to switch providers if they knew which companies the government is working with
03 Oct 2013

Splunk 2013: Big data a 'natural evolution to new way of working' at John Lewis's Aleem Cummins says that consolidating data with Splunk will enable retailer to ditch old technology
03 Oct 2013

Splunk CEO aims to make machine data 'sexy' with Splunk Enterprise 6

Godfrey Sullivan makes case for using big data in everything from beer to trains in Worldwide Users Conference keynote
02 Oct 2013

IBM to acquire Dublin-based analytics firm The Now Factory

The Now Factory's software allows communications service providers to analyse customers' usage of 3G and 4G
02 Oct 2013

Privacy concerns over Highways Agency mobile data tracking

Highways Agency claims that using mobile data to monitor traffic is part of scheme to improve traffic flow
23 Sep 2013

Poundland outsources network and data centre requirements to NextiraOne

NextiraOne will provide IT support, performance monitoring and network optimisation, among other managed services
23 Sep 2013

Cool future for data centres as efficiency comes first

Verne Global CEO Jeff Monroe tells Computing that data centres in energy efficient locations will only become more popular
18 Sep 2013

Prism threat to cloud industry 'a red herring', claims RMS platform architect

Bobby Soni tells Computing it's not in the government's interest to harm cloud businesses
18 Sep 2013

'We can change the world with data centres' - VMware

VMware's Neela Jacques tells Big Data Iceland event access to cheap infrastructure can have big results
17 Sep 2013

Digitalbox returns to Experian QAS data management after 'bad move' away

CEO tells Computing why Digitalbox re-adopted Experian QAS after things went 'very, very wrong' with its replacement
13 Sep 2013

'Data matching' trial improves electoral registration

Cabinet Office hails Individual Electoral Registration dry run as a success
12 Sep 2013

Data governance – measuring and managing quality (Available on-demand)

The aim of this web seminar is to guide you through the stages of creating a durable and effective data governance strategy.
11 Sep 2013

Angry Birds creator Rovio deploys Basho Riak NoSQL solution

NoQSL scalability enables Rovio to cope with fluctuating data demands from millions of users
10 Sep 2013

Data governance key to British Gas strategy

British Gas information governance manager says data is important in all departments now - not just sales
05 Sep 2013

NHS IT is on the right track, but familiar issues still remain

Department of Health's 'bottom up' approach is working, but to make real progress, old issues need to be ironed out
04 Sep 2013

Not enough data scientists, MIT expert tells Computing

One of the world's top data scientists, Alex 'Sandy' Pentland, tells Computing we're 'not even close' to the number of data scientists needed
04 Sep 2013

Data revolution will dwarf internet revolution and change society - MIT

Alex 'Sandy' Pentland, one of the world's leading data scientists, tells Campus Party Europe that the data revolution will dwarf the internet revolution
03 Sep 2013

CIO Interview: Adrian Collinson, Force India Formula One team

Force India CIO Adrian Collinson explains to Computing how the Formula 1 team gets the most bang for its IT buck, both at the circuit and back at the factory
29 Aug 2013