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The cookie crumbles: Microsoft, Google and Facebook plot the demise of third-party trackers

Cross-platform browsing making cookies redundant, but could give more power to the internet giants
11 Oct 2013

EU cookie law 'is a disaster', claims HP data privacy officer

There is no consistency across the EU in the way the law has been implemented, says Daniel Pradelles
03 Jul 2013

Half of UK organisations not compliant with EU cookie law

Much-criticised EU law on cookies still being ignored by organisations, claims KPMG
29 May 2013

UK Safari users seek damages against Google over privacy breaches

US fine does not reflect the international nature of the privacy breaches, says consumer group
28 Jan 2013

OFT to investigate firms' use of consumer data

Office of Fair Trading to look into legality of personalised prices
04 Dec 2012

Analysis: EU cookie law puts analytics under scrutiny

Sooraj Shah talks to legal experts about the extent to which the EU’s cookie directive restricts website analytics
16 Jul 2012

Eighty per cent of UK organisations still not compliant with EU cookie law

Deadline ignored by enterprises despite risk of £500,000 fine
06 Jun 2012

ICO sets up online survey as cookie complaints rise

Online form to help watchdog gauge impact of EU rules as complaints come in
29 May 2012

Retailer slams ICO over 'embarrassing banality' of revised cookie law guidance

ICO criticised for last-minute guidance changes, but lawyer warns no significant policy shift has taken place
28 May 2012