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The Top 10 best iPhone apps for enterprise users

iOS 7 will be available on the iPhone 5
Sooraj Shah looks at the apps that can boost productivity when you're on the move
08 Jul 2013

Hounslow selects Salesforce to help drive digital transformation

London Borough of Hounslow
Council looks to provide better services using mobile, social and cloud computing
27 Jun 2013

Houses of Parliament staff increasingly using iPads, says parliamentary head of ICT

The Houses of Parliament
Many committees have ceased using paper documents altogether
27 Jun 2013

Get your motor running: enterprise mobility in 2013 and beyond

Computing brings you the top news stories from its first Enterprise Mobility Summit, featuring some of the UK’s leading CIOs and technologists discussing the latest mobility trends
27 Jun 2013

Enterprise will see 'a marked difference' in Windows 8.1 promises Microsoft

Upgrade team 'worked very closely with people in the field' to bring productivity boost says Windows program lead
27 Jun 2013

The enterprise mobility balancing act

A recent Computing survey looked at the wide range of drivers for mobility and what organisations are hoping to achieve. John Leonard analyses the findings
27 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit: Has BYOD started to lose its shine?

Jim Henrys of Intel asks if you should support all the devices employees bring with them, or limit them to just a few choices
26 Jun 2013

Microsoft in driving seat of Aston Martin mobility upgrade

The luxury car maker has completed a company-wide upgrade of its productivity tools. Peter Gothard discovers what is driving the firm’s enduring love of all things Microsoft
25 Jun 2013

'Cultural revolution' under way in the world of work, says Intel's Jim Henrys

BYOD, social networking and new technology driving revolution in the world of work
25 Jun 2013

IT departments failing to protect sensitive data on mobile devices

Report by Ponemon Institute suggests more needs to be done to comply with privacy and data protection legislation
25 Jun 2013

RBWM council dumps BlackBerry for Windows 8 phones

Chief architect Dan Brookman explains how Windows mobile fits in with the council's planned new setup
24 Jun 2013

Cloud among factors behind stagnation in government IT spending, says Gartner

Analysts believe government spend on IT will drop by 0.1 per cent this year as departments explore cloud and mobility
18 Jun 2013

Apple could launch iPhones with bigger screens and in range of colours

Bigger screens could enable enterprise users to benefit from better visibility and more functionality
14 Jun 2013

BYOD programme at Shell to impact 135,000 staff

Firm will use CA CloudMinder for mobile authentication and access management
12 Jun 2013

Will iOS 7 solidify Apple's position in the enterprise?

Enhanced security, streamlined MDM and progress with NFC makes Apple's new platform more tempting than ever
12 Jun 2013

Walmart selects Good and AirWatch to manage 10,000 employee devices

Walmart's subsidiaries collaborate to ensure best solutions implemented across group
12 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013: The biggest mobile security risk is still human beings

Education rather than lockdown is key to keeping hold of mobile data, says panel
11 Jun 2013

BYOD freedom or collaboration? Think where you draw the line, says Salvation Army

Salvation Army is rolling out BYOD on a step-by-step basis so as not to ruin what it set out to achieve
11 Jun 2013

Enterpise Mobility Summit 2013: Mobile data optimisation is key to avoiding roaming data shocks, says Wandera

£81k India roaming charge and other 'bill shocks' are warning to all, says Tuvey
11 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013: Build mobility strategies around 'trust zones', says Intel strategist.

People are 15 times more likely to lose a mobile phone than a laptop, says Henrys
11 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013: 'We’ve been failed by our suppliers' says BYOD project lead, Cambridgeshire CC

Solution suppliers are not offering enough choice, agree IT leaders
11 Jun 2013

SAP to acquire Swiss e-commerce firm Hybris in £650m deal

Purchase 'puts SAP on leading edge of consumer economy' say CEOs
06 Jun 2013

Mobile working means 90 per cent of IT departments worry about compliance, says report

Intralinks report suggests employees are taking shortcuts that compromise IP and data
05 Jun 2013

Computing ICT in education roundtable: What BYOD means for schools

A panel of experts assesses the validity of own device use in education
15 May 2013