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Walmart selects Good and AirWatch to manage 10,000 employee devices

Walmart's subsidiaries collaborate to ensure best solutions implemented across group
12 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013: The biggest mobile security risk is still human beings

Education rather than lockdown is key to keeping hold of mobile data, says panel
11 Jun 2013

BYOD freedom or collaboration? Think where you draw the line, says Salvation Army

Phil Durbin Salvation Army
Salvation Army is rolling out BYOD on a step-by-step basis so as not to ruin what it set out to achieve
11 Jun 2013

Enterpise Mobility Summit 2013: Mobile data optimisation is key to avoiding roaming data shocks, says Wandera

£81k India roaming charge and other 'bill shocks' are warning to all, says Tuvey
11 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013: Build mobility strategies around 'trust zones', says Intel strategist.

People are 15 times more likely to lose a mobile phone than a laptop, says Henrys
11 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013: 'We’ve been failed by our suppliers' says BYOD project lead, Cambridgeshire CC

Solution suppliers are not offering enough choice, agree IT leaders
11 Jun 2013

SAP to acquire Swiss e-commerce firm Hybris in £650m deal

Purchase 'puts SAP on leading edge of consumer economy' say CEOs
06 Jun 2013

Mobile working means 90 per cent of IT departments worry about compliance, says report

Intralinks report suggests employees are taking shortcuts that compromise IP and data
05 Jun 2013

Computing ICT in education roundtable: What BYOD means for schools

A panel of experts assesses the validity of own device use in education
15 May 2013

Keeping NI Group fit to print: an interview with the newspaper giant's CISO

Chief information security officer Amar Singh says newspaper publishers like NI Group face growing threats from cyber space, while BYOD and social media are making data leaks increasingly likely. So how is he tackling these challenges?
15 May 2013

Crash Podcast: Ethical hacking, USB flash drives, consumerisation and Nokia

On this week's podcast we discuss ethical hacking, the death of the USB flash drive, Nokia's crashing feature-phone sales and the consumerisation of corporate IT
14 May 2013

Companies should encourage employees to write their own apps, says VMware

Many employees are essentially writing their own apps on Excel already, says Joe Baguley
03 May 2013

Where innovation is always on the menu: an interview with Pret a Manger's IT chief

Fast-growing food chain Pret a Manger prides itself on serving high-quality fresh produce with the minimum of fuss. But behind this simple concept lies a technology stack that is constantly evolving
18 Apr 2013

Analysis: Has BlackBerry run out of juice?

Discouraging financials and a lack of customer success stories seems to suggest the Canadian mobile firm’s BlackBerry 10 gamble may be its last. Peter Gothard asks: what has BlackBerry done wrong, and is it too late to change it?
16 Apr 2013

iPhones are about 'fashion rather than functionality', says DWF CTO

BlackBerrys are the mobile for enterprise and Android devices 'are nonsense', says Richard Hodkinson
15 Apr 2013

Cambridge University Hospitals digitising services with HP

Deal worth £200m over 10 years aims for improved efficiency with help of mobile devices
09 Apr 2013

Merton Council deploys Citrix to cut costs and enable flexible working

About 2,000 employees to eventually gain benefits of new solution
28 Mar 2013

BlackBerry denies reports that Pentagon to replace its devices with Apple

Insists US Department of Defense moving ahead with testing BES, BB10 and Z10
22 Mar 2013

Google CIO: Have whatever technology you need to do your work – with an itemised bill attached

Self-service tech' stations enable staff to tool-up to do their jobs, says Ben Fried
22 Mar 2013

Pentagon reportedly replacing BlackBerrys with iPhones

US Department of Defense to equip staff with 650,000 Apple devices
21 Mar 2013

Finding the security sweet spot

Strict security can hurt productivity, but lax security can lead to serious commercial and reputational damage. Sooraj Shah tries to find the sweet spot between the two
19 Mar 2013

Touchscreens offer 'a window on a whole new world' for enterprise IT

The rise of touchscreens must be embraced by enterprise, Computing's most recent IT Leaders' forum discussion concluded
13 Mar 2013

Auto Trader owners could replace iPhones with Windows Phones

Trader Media Group's CIO says Android has too many security vulnerabilities
07 Mar 2013

Analysis: In a BYOD class of its own

Peter Gothard reports on a school that has embraced the bring-your-own-device philosophy and rolled out super-fast Wi-Fi for the benefit of pupils and staff
21 Feb 2013