Latest Computer Aid articles

Bending it not quite like Beckham

Computer Aid fundraiser sees charity, journalists and public relations firms battle it out on the football pitch
31 Aug 2011

When it starts to fade, turn it into aid

Computing reporter Dawinderpal Sahota
Firms forced to shed old PCs can make a difference to children overseas
23 Aug 2011

Helping children at risk

22 Aug 2011

Computer Aid urges firms to sponsor mobile ICT units

Sponsorship of a ZubaBox will see companies boost their CSR and exposure in developing markets
07 Jun 2011

The price of progress

While new technologies can often improve life, all advances have costs that should not be ignored
31 May 2011

Computer Aid CEO discusses mission

New Computer Aid CEO David Barker discusses his organisation's work
10 Mar 2011

Computer Aid appoints new CEO

David Barker becomes charity's new chief following the departure of founder Tony Roberts
05 Jan 2011

Royal Mail donates 3,000 computers to Computer Aid

Computers to be refurbished and sent to school children in Chile
22 Jun 2010

Government saves £7m through its green IT strategy

Big cuts in carbon emissions delivered through simple steps such as switching off PCs, using double-sided printing, and extending computer lifecycles
15 Sep 2009

Computer Aid puts the fizz into Coca-Cola's old PCs

Drinks giant donates 1,750 items of old kit for re-use in education projects in developing countries
09 Jul 2009

Computer Aid Twitters for charity

IT professionals urged to donate used PCs for campaign to equip schools and hospitals in Africa
16 Jun 2009

Readers pledge aid to Africa

Generous Computing readers sponsor first two telemedicine centres in our charity appeal
11 Jun 2009

The telemedicine project - Computing's 2009 charity appeal

Watch how your sponsorship money could help an ambitious telemedicine project save thousands of lives in rural Africa
07 May 2009

Government department donates 1,000 laptops to Africa

Department for International Development systems to be given to universities and training colleges by charity Computer Aid
27 Feb 2009