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Cisco wakes up to consumerisation

14 Nov 2011

Interview: Simon Hill, IT director, Viridor

Veridor waste recycling centre
Delivering optimised IT services to a large number of small sites stuck in the middle of nowhere is a constant challenge for a growing waste management and recycling company
24 Oct 2011

BP replaces local security solution with Cisco cloud service

Oil giant takes leap of faith to trust the cloud with its security, and sees 35 per cent cost savings as a result
14 Oct 2011

Influence - Commuting or Computing?

When should businesses use technology to replace travel, and which option is most appropriate?
30 Sep 2011

Poundland to upgrade LAN infrastructure

Retailer selects NextiraOne for its administration and warehouse distribution locations
01 Sep 2011

Is modular computing the new mainframe?

22 Aug 2011

Computing Q&A - Roger Black and Neil Crockett

The Olympic medallist and the MD London 2012 at Cisco discuss how technology will impact next year's games
03 Aug 2011

Cisco set to cut 10,000 jobs

Network vendor to slash workforce in cost-cutting bid
12 Jul 2011

Cisco beams up Shatner to address Las Vegas cloud trek

Public and private cloud computing will feature heavily at networking giant's Cisco Live! event
12 Jul 2011

Mitigating denial of service attacks

11 Jul 2011

Cisco Live! - Boldly going where no LAN vendor has gone before

Cisco invites Captain Kirk to give the closing keynote at its Live! event
11 Jul 2011

Cisco launches Cius app store

A new portal for users of Cisco's own tablet device arrives in the shape of AppHQ
29 Jun 2011

CSC launches BizCloud in the UK

Biz Cloud will lower barriers of entry into the cloud market and appeal to companies concerned about security
28 Jun 2011

Q&A: Neil Crockett, MD London 2012 at Cisco Systems

Cisco has big networking, testing and legacy responsibilities at the Olympic Games
27 Jun 2011

Cisco loses its cool as competition heats up

After years of maintaining a lofty disdain for the competition, the networking giant is desperately trying to shore up its customer base
10 May 2011

Cisco and Xerox partner on cloud and print products

Firms will collaborate to offer three new solutions to clients
09 May 2011

Capita completes first phase of ICT installation at new Kent hospital

The contract, worth £3.4m, has seen the company install a medical grade network infrastructure, WLAN and IP systems
04 May 2011

Fujitsu to roll out fibre to five million rural homes

The IT services provider expects the network to cost between £1.2bn and £2bn
13 Apr 2011

Avaya hits back: “We’re not stupid, we’re innovators”

Alcatel Lucent "behind the curve", alleges Avaya marketing head
06 Apr 2011

Cisco and Avaya "stupid" to develop own tablets

"Big mistake" for networking vendors to do battle with the experts, says Alcatel Lucent
06 Apr 2011

How ready is the UK for the Public Sector Network?

Cisco's PSN readiness report shows just 13 per cent of public bodies have joined the network
17 Mar 2011

UK strengthens trade ties with US tech hubs

Minister David Willetts aims to further boost investment in East London
17 Mar 2011

Welsh Rugby Union implements Mimecast to support Six Nations

The WRU's Craig Phillips talks to Computing about the IT at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium
15 Mar 2011

Seeing through the jargon

08 Mar 2011