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Microsoft U-turns on Xbox One DRM policy after week-long negative public reaction

President of interactive business thanks users for “candid feedback”
20 Jun 2013

The future of work: How technology innovation will transform our environment

In future connected devices will be more proactive, making intelligent recommendations for the services they monitor
14 Jun 2013

European Commission demands answers on Prism

EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding speaking in Brussels
Vice-President Reding will raise the Prism issue with US Attorney General Eric Holder at the EU-US Ministerial meeting in Dublin on Friday
12 Jun 2013

Board looking for exceptions, not norms in cyber security, says Lloyd's CISO

'One day there will be a breach, it is about being prepared for that day,' says Marcus Alldrick
10 Jun 2013

HMRC's real-time information PAYE system struggles

40,000 taxpayers affected by glitches in RTI system
04 Jun 2013

John Lewis launches technology apprenticeship scheme

Apprentices to help multi-channel push for retailer
17 May 2013

Technology that drives success: An interview with Trader Media’s CIO, Tim Jones

As Trader Media Group prepares to publish the very last print edition of Auto Trader magazine, CIO Tim Jones tells Sooraj Shah about the next stage in the company’s ambitious multi-platform digital strategy
16 May 2013

Telefónica moves to Microsoft 365

Yammer and Lync contributed to 'straight forward choice' says group CIO
16 May 2013

US government will take your data even without the Patriot Act

Cloud expert says that firms shouldn't worry about the Patriot Act, the US has other means if it decides it wants your data
08 May 2013

Interview: Paul Woobey, CIO, Office for National Statistics

Woobey discusses big data, how Oracle Exadata has improved budgetary calculations tenfold, and why he won't use the cloud
08 May 2013

Companies should encourage employees to write their own apps, says VMware

Many employees are essentially writing their own apps on Excel already, says Joe Baguley
03 May 2013

Influence: Client refresh

This documentary explores the various options open to firms refreshing their client estates this year, including desktops, laptops, Ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones and desktop virtualisation
01 May 2013

FA hopes to score with new technology

Sooraj Shah hears how technology has helped the FA develop some of the best facilities in the world for players, coaches and supporters
30 Apr 2013

The face of Modern ERP

Dan Matthews, CTO of IFS, explains how enterprise software is stepping up to address mobile business
29 Apr 2013

Interview: Sarah Leslie, Iglo Foods CIO

Sarah Leslie, CIO of Iglo Foods Group - which operates the Birds Eye brand in the UK - explains why she feels confident in outsourcing her data centres to the cloud in the post-2e2 era
29 Apr 2013

H4cked Off: Why austerity shouldn't apply to cyber security

Stuart Sumner explains why failing to properly invest in cyber security isn't an economy, it's a gamble
25 Apr 2013

ICO: Europe's prescriptive approach to data protection won't work in the UK

Deputy Information Commissioner David Smith warns that the new data protection regulation currently going through European Parliament won't suit the UK, and may not even be agreed
24 Apr 2013

Video: Talking tactics with FA CIO Rob Ray

FA CIO Rob Ray tells Sooraj Shah about the organisation's use of technology
22 Apr 2013

Google CIO: Have whatever technology you need to do your work – with an itemised bill attached

Self-service tech' stations enable staff to tool-up to do their jobs, says Ben Fried
22 Mar 2013

Big Data Summit: Social - the next step for big data analysis

TfL, the FT, Arup and the Salvation Army agree that social media analytics could benefit them greatly
21 Mar 2013

Government CIO role abolished as era of big outsourcing deals draws to a close

'If we are here in three years' time and government is still spending £6bn on technology... shoot us'
14 Mar 2013

Legacy software: who smells a rat?

Richard Clark of Xuber explains how organisations should look to build their business case to replace legacy systems - and why it's important
13 Mar 2013

Auto Trader’s potential shift to digital-only helped by datacentre switchover

Telecity Group's peering gives Auto Trader edge in SEO and user experiences, says CIO
13 Mar 2013

Birds Eye CIO: Choosing a cloud provider that won't go bust

Sarah Leslie, CIO of Iglo Foods Group - which operates the Birds Eye Brand in the UK - tells Computing how her organisation selects cloud and outsourcing providers which are unlikely to go out of business and lose her data
08 Mar 2013