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CIO Interview: Mike Sackman - Business Intelligence

The bar in a pub
Mitchells & Butlers CIO Mike Sackman discussed business intelligence in this Computing exclusive video
09 Feb 2011

Business intelligence data no longer confined to the enterprise user

Business intelligence will come to every level of the organisation, and then to consumers, states CTO
01 Feb 2011

Diageo CIO encourages mutiny in the workplace

An angry man shouting at a laptop
IT departments must be prepared to give in to user demands for better gadgets
01 Feb 2011

The Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011

Computing attends the Gartner summit, to bring you the latest news and trends for the global leaders of BI
01 Feb 2011

Open-source business intelligence solution lands at Brussels airport

Airport says it has saved about £300,000 by deploying a business intelligence system from Pentaho
01 Feb 2011

Software vendor SAP announces highest ever profits

Future growth seen in on-demand mobile and in-memory computing
26 Jan 2011

Gartner business intelligence podcast

In this podcast, analyst firm Gartner discusses business intelligence, analytics and performance management
21 Dec 2010

Business intelligence programmes should be viewed as a cultural transformation

Gartner offers advice to CIOs for successful BI programme deployment
13 Dec 2010

SAP launches real-time analytics appliance

SAP HANA reduces analysis time from hours to seconds using in-memory computing
02 Dec 2010

British Transport Police awards five-year contract to ABM

The deal will extend the British Transport Police’s (BTP) confidential informant management capabilities
16 Nov 2010

JC Decaux chooses open source BI system over Oracle's

UK-wide rollout to take place over three years
23 Jul 2010

Oracle launches Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

Oracle unveils new business intelligence products which aim to provide users with enhanced business visibility and alignment
07 Jul 2010

Air travellers benefit from open source BI rollout

Swissport rejects Oracle in favour of Pentaho's open source business intelligence suite
10 Feb 2010

DW Sports signs five-year contract with BT

Retail software deal with sports and fitness clubs group worth up to £2.75m
13 Oct 2009

Case study: BT uses open source BI to support its voicemail system

Low cost of ownership and tighter control over the software make Jaspersoft the ideal business intelligence tool for telco
02 Oct 2009 clicks on analytics to improve customer understanding

Price comparison site opts for SAS software to better segment clients
13 Aug 2009

Smaller firms are coming into fashion

A lasting result of the recession could be the rise of niche IT suppliers that do more for less
12 Aug 2009

Mid-sized firms still make decisions using spreadsheets

Two-thirds of companies surveyed rely on the technology, and 80 per cent admit to problems as a result
11 Aug 2009

IBM makes two software acquisitions

IT giant buying SPSS and Ounce Labs
28 Jul 2009

CPP aims to improve customer targeting through master data management

CPP uses master data management software to boost business intelligence approach
23 Jul 2009

Joined-up thinking: A Computing & Financial Director special report

We look at the challenges for IT managers and finance directors working together to make the most of technology
08 Jul 2009

A smarter way to use BI

Getting the most from business intelligence systems requires not only careful management on the part of IT leaders, but also the committed involvement of decision-makers across the organisation
08 Jul 2009

90% of SAP users experiencing monthly performance problems

BI and ERP highlighted as the main concerns, according to research
16 Jun 2009

Thriving through the downturn: How better information means better decisions

A panel of experts answers IT managers' questions on business intelligence
26 May 2009