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The changing BI landscape

21 Jun 2011

Mobile workers lack access to critical data

RIM PlayBook
Access to business application limited to office workers, says research
15 Jun 2011

Donna Karan mixes it up with Maple Lake software

Shoppers on Oxford Street
Luxury design brand uses new IT to align stores with shoppers' preferences
13 Jun 2011

Business intelligence: The Great Underachiever

Computing research reveals that 76 per cent of organisations deny key staff access to useful information
01 Jun 2011

Apache Hadoop rides social media wave

The open source technology is helping enterprises to exploit the vast amounts of unstructured data generated by social networks
23 May 2011

EMC World 2011: Greenplum BI appliance gets open source boost

It will release an enterprise-ready appliance based on Apache Hadoop technology
11 May 2011

Better business intelligence

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time
10 May 2011

Most senior managers lack timely and accurate data on profitability

Many enterprises are making decisions in the dark
10 May 2011

Most enterprises prefer gut feeling to analytics, survey suggests

Most blue-chip firms are only scratching the surface of what analytics can do, says Accenture
06 May 2011

Nottingham hospitals deploy real-time workforce management system

The solution makes use of tablets and mobile devices to keep doctors updated
05 May 2011

Blue-chip CIO argues that business intelligence must be kept simple

United Biscuits CIO says BI tools that aren't used should be removed
04 May 2011

HSBC banks on IBM to it help prepare for Solvency II

Insurance firms must be able to comply with new risk management rules by 31 December 2012
28 Apr 2011

How to deliver a more agile approach to business intelligence

27 Apr 2011

Computing Research: The top 5 benefits of ERP software

Business decision makers reveal the key benefits of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
27 Apr 2011

Spending on BI and related apps up 13.4 per cent in 2010

Revenue growth is as much a function of vendor push as demand pull, says Gartner
20 Apr 2011

Cabinet Office spurns opportunity to rein in procurement costs

Rejects offer of a free analytical tool for public spending from Rosslyn Analytics and QlikTech
13 Apr 2011

Organisations putting business intelligence to good use

Customers' views of the array of BI tools available today
22 Mar 2011

What BI vendors have to offer

Shop around to find the specific features relevant to your business
22 Mar 2011

The case for business intelligence

What is business intelligence and what is the best way to enhance its powers for your organisation?
22 Mar 2011

Is “Big Data” the right way to look at the problem?

11 Mar 2011

Glasgow wins IBM Smart City grant

City will put some of the £250,000 towards fighting fuel poverty
11 Mar 2011

Gartner BPM summit: Don't mention technology when selling BPM to the board

If CIOs want the board to buy in to BPM projects, they need to lay off the jargon
09 Mar 2011

Computing Research: Content security in the cloud – no longer hot air

Fears about the cloud concerning security, control and reliability are being laid to rest as increasing numbers of organisations start to experience its benefits
08 Mar 2011

Forecasting tool puts rail operator on track for £4.3m revenue boost

JDA software enables East Coast Main Line to adjust prices more effectively
07 Mar 2011