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Don't use WhiteHat's Aviator browser 'if you’re concerned about security and privacy', warns Google

But WhiteHat hits back at Google, stating that the firm exploits users' private data to make money
12 Jan 2015

Mozilla to trial sponsored links on Firefox

Mozilla Firefox web browser logo
Firefox will not be turned into "a mess of logos sold to the highest bidder", claims Firefox VP
12 May 2014

Washington media websites hit by cyber attacks

A view of Washington DC
Hackers use waterhole attack to plant malware on websites of WTOP and Federal News Radio
08 May 2013

Google's Blink moves Chrome browser away from Apple's Safari

New fork of WebKit promises faster development, especially on mobile platforms
05 Apr 2013

Opera reaches 300 million users, drops Presto for WebKit

Browser provider drops home-grown engine in favour of that used by Apple and Google
13 Feb 2013

Microsoft and Google to feel wrath of EU

Web giants targeted in EU antitrust and privacy drive
15 Oct 2012

Google faces record fine over Safari privacy breach

Search giant bypassed ‘do not track’ user options in Safari
11 Jul 2012

Atkins looks to HTML 5.0 to deliver cross-platform geographic apps

Consulting giant seeks freedom from Apple, Google – and Microsoft
21 Jun 2012

Android and iOS apps subject to EU privacy regulations – ICO

Information commissioner to step up action over the EU cookie laws
18 May 2012

Google changes tack on ‘do not track’

U-turn for Chrome follows flak from privacy groups
24 Feb 2012

Microsoft rushes out emergency patch following AV error

Security update made Microsoft security products falsely identify Chrome browser as a virus
03 Oct 2011

Review: Google Chrome 13

Google Chrome speeds up the browsing experience, comes with an improved omnibox and finally gets print preview
07 Sep 2011

IE9 thrashes rival browsers in security contest

In tests, Microsoft's cloud-based reputation system blocked over 99 per cent of malicious URLs
16 Aug 2011

Review: Mozilla Firefox 5

Mozilla updates Firefox in double-quick time, but with few significant feature additions
21 Jun 2011

Internet Explorer 10 drops Vista support

Microsoft starts countdown to IE10 rollout with first platform preview
13 Apr 2011

Google searches for enterprise credibility

Can Google's array of cloud apps, together with its forthcoming Chrome OS, persuade IT leaders that the days of server-based computing are over?
06 Apr 2011

Microsoft files EU antitrust complaint against Google

The software giant accuses Google of a string of anti-competitive actions
31 Mar 2011

Tesco comes out top in mobile web site speed test

With Next, M&S and John Lewis also performing well
30 Mar 2011

Mozilla Firefox 4 review

Headline features include webGL support and better JavaScript performance
23 Mar 2011

Mozilla releases Firefox 4 today

Firefox also released weekend update to patch problems with the software
22 Mar 2011

IE9's tracking protection flawed, says Which? Computing

Users' privacy could be at risk with Microsoft's brand new IE9 browser
17 Mar 2011

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 review

Revamped browser spoiled by lack of support for XP
17 Mar 2011

Google Chrome 10 review

Google Chrome 10 adds useful updates to counter IE9 launch
15 Mar 2011

Business space unexcited by IE9 release

Analysts remain sceptical about initial enterprise IE9 take-up in spite of positive reviews
15 Mar 2011