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Surrey goes for 100 per cent super-fast broadband by 2013

Fibre optic broadband
The County Council expects to invest up to £40m in the rollout
14 Jul 2011

Government confirms Welsh super-fast broadband allocation

The UK's worst area for super-fast broadband access to get £60m
12 Jul 2011

ITV deploys fibre optic network to support transformation

The new network will be able to scale up to terabit capacity
07 Jul 2011

Ofcom considers use of FM radio band for white space technology

Radio wave spectrum could be used for mobile broadband
07 Jul 2011

Digitally divided Britain laid bare

New figures from Ofcom highlight inequality of broadband provision in the UK
06 Jul 2011

North Yorkshire council ploughs £16.4m of BDUK funding into NYnet rollout

The council was selected as a pilot region for rural broadband rollout
05 Jul 2011

BDUK not delivering on broadband promise, says lobby group

INCA criticises this week's BDUK tender, claiming it excludes small suppliers and backtracks on minimum speed pledge
01 Jul 2011

Government puts out tender for suppliers under broadband delivery framework

The contract could be worth up to £2bn
29 Jun 2011

Cambridge Consultants send first tweet over white space

Researchers demonstrate potential for white space technology to reach rural communities
29 Jun 2011

Government aims to allay broadband fears

Promises to confirm further superfast broadband funding amid fears that some regions are being left behind
28 Jun 2011

Europe invests £20m in photonics research to accelerate broadband

Austria, Germany, Poland, the UK and Israel are contributing
28 Jun 2011

Microsoft, BBC and BT trial white spaces

The unused TV spectrum might be used to support traditional broadband services
27 Jun 2011

Wireless broadband subscriptions top half a billion in OECD

Fixed broadband is at its lowest growth rate
24 Jun 2011

Rural Northumberland gets wireless mesh broadband

The mesh is much cheaper than the BT land lines it replaces
24 Jun 2011

Report: UK Space Council outlines benefits of satellite broadband

Space Council suggests that up to £1.5bn of investment is needed
17 Jun 2011

Europe urged to reallocate broadcast spectrum

Loosening of L-band restrictions could result in better mobile broadband for business
14 Jun 2011

BT trials white spaces technology for broadband

Openreach is hoping the technology can assist homes without access to broadband
14 Jun 2011

Herefordshire and Gloucestershire issue joint rural broadband tender

Providers will be expected to deliver 30Mbit/s services within seven years
10 Jun 2011

Former Ofcom exec to head new Wales internet body

It will seek to promote the benefits of superfast broadband
09 Jun 2011

Cloud does have drawbacks

31 May 2011

Prepare for the tidal wave

31 May 2011

Next batch of rural broadband funding allocated

Wiltshire, Norfolk, Devon and Somerset will benefit
27 May 2011

Telecoms spending rises as firms prepare for 4G

Next-gen mobile services see first rise in telecoms spending since global downturn reports Yankee
26 May 2011

MPs urge Ofcom to move goalposts on spectrum auction

Motion to encourage Ofcom to mandate 98 per cent population coverage was signed by 100 MPs from all political parties
20 May 2011